Vote for a new map!

We still have a lot of suggestions to vote for from the last map challenge! So.. why not vote again?! The idea with the most votes will be implemented as an additional map to choose from in the next version.

Map by Chris

The first map I want to present. This design was made by Chris, a couple of months ago via facebook.

He basically initialized the whole challenge!

The design is not yet ready for the currently used isometric perspective, but it can be adapted easily!

Map by Syotos

A very solid map with a lot of detail.

Also we already have the paths for land and air units marked on it.

Interesting fact: The creeps spawn on top and run down towards their target.

Map ‘Ohm’ by Jrake

The theme of this brilliant map idea is Ohm:

… and since most people are crazy over electric/iron man, I thought of the ohm symbol.
– Jrake

Blue= water. nothing
Grey = creep path
Darkgreen/ green = land / land or water
black line = creep path
pink line = air creep path

Map #1 by Warlemming

Another one from Warlemming.

The special thing is that the creeps start on two different points and advance to an exit in the center of the map.

A very creative suggestion!

Map #2 by Warlemming

This is a really cool suggestion from Warlemming.

The idea is to offer possiblities for some new strategies.

One single spot for a very risky one-man-show. A triple spot behind it. And finally some nice big blocks to build towers like crazy.

Map by Alexandru

Aaaaand another one great suggestion via facebook, this time by Alexandru!

This is an extra long map with A LOT of space!

Bump: Initially I posted the wrong map from Alexandru. This one is the final one!

That’s it!

The poll closes Friday next week! It’s up to you now!

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