Loan Shark hero

Got an idea this evening. Would you like to see this hero in the game?

Let me know what you think!


5 thoughts on “Loan Shark hero

  1. Hydraling

    Interesting, to say the least. Can’t see it working for higher tier players but it looks very fun to play around with. Might add a couple of new strategies, like a unique rush or something.
    Quick question, what’s the base interest?

  2. Ontrose

    Well i think it does need more balancing, already got a couple of possible uses up my sleeve.
    But i think the drawbacks are too weak…

    Some of the uses:
    -Money Bin (cost around 2k and negates the negative effects, so still 3k left ^^)
    -Holgar (meadfarm from level 1 !
    -Black Widow (4250 if my memory doesnt play a joke on me right now) [powerlevel with +2exp/kill]

    Suggestion for the Drawback
    -Interest is fixed on 0.5% ratio
    -Bounty fixed to -15-20%
    -Would fix money bin cancelling the negative effects.

    The problem i see, if we take a 200 Waves match, a Holgar on level 1 is an INCREDIBLE advantage (normally you can get him about 25-35 depending on build and luck about “rich” enemys), starting meadfarm early, which means earlier WATER OF LIFE which means more and better loot early on.
    I think the standart heroes are wasted if you get this card. I dont think +20% attack speed or a bit of luck or dropchance is better then this bonus gold (IF you got deckmaster!).
    Low level Player do not have unlocked wavemaster ability, so i think this card is better for late game [the time between unlocking Deckmaster and gettin the legendary Heroes].

    That are my thoughts on the card =)

  3. MRDRR

    yeah this was cool! it would make up for a lot of new strats and would probably boost blofeld rather nice if you can get some money bins up fast

  4. fefe

    it looks nice would allow u to start with any purple card however so might be kinda unfair but need to wait and see and test it out 🙂


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