Finalized heroes

Finalized the two new heroes!

Loan Shark turned legendary. Also it’s gold drawback was changed from -30% to -50%.

Kvothe on the other hand turned uncommon and requires only wizard level 24. This means everyone has this hero available in the basic card deck. So hardcore players can power-level as soon as level 24 is reached.

What do you think about these adjustments?



4 thoughts on “Finalized heroes

  1. MRDRR

    i think this will balance out very well, great work m8 =) i have some hopes to gain rank from the kvothe card and i think the loan shark will provide great new strategies

  2. Ontrose

    I still think the Load Shark might be too strong if you got deckmaster… [Holgar…!…!]
    But i really appreciate that Kvothe is for a rather low level =)

  3. Curs3d

    I like it a lot, I suggest changing Loan sharks “Interest 1%” to “Halves interest rate” and make it effect Money Bins as well though.
    Even Then 3000 Gold + Money Bin round 1 will be strong, but this way it would balance out a bit in a long game 😛


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