The Black Market II

Thanks for all your feedback about the black market! The first draft of it was really lacking a few things, plus it somehow made the regular card forge obsolete. So here is my second attempt!

  • It still opens every weekend
  • The price is increased to 300 relics
  • Weekend drop is random but the same for all players
  • You get a guaranteed special legendary item card
  • Those special legendaries can only obtained by the black market, not by the forge

Let me know what you think!

You get special..

You get special..

..legendary cards!

..legendary cards!

The costs are increased...

The costs are increased..

4 thoughts on “The Black Market II

  1. Ontrose

    Well im not convinced about the mechanics of the black marked 😉 But cant have it all i guess 😛

    But these 2 items look great.
    Nice touch that the skull is an Dark Forge item.
    But i wonder about the Synergy with the Blood demon.
    Guess another 10% for the bonus time count with it =)

  2. malvar

    In my opinion, 300 relics is too much:
    Doing all daily quests of a week rewards you with 280-420 relics, or 350 on average (assuming 40 relic quests are as likely as 60 relic ones).
    That means, to regularily use this new feature, i would need to do at least 6 quests per week and then i’d still not be able to gamble for all those other cards i’m still missing…

    My suggestion:
    Lower the price to 100 relics and make it a requirement to do at least 5 daily quests within the last 7 days to allow a black market purchase.
    Or alternatively, keep the price at 300 and let every quest you complete within the last 7 days reduce that price by 40 (up to a maximum of 5 quests).

    Like this, active players would be able to make a black market purchase and gamble for some new cards in the same week without the black market becoming too cheap. 🙂

  3. Ontrose

    Well you can have 7 Quests/Week. The best Questreward is i think 60 right?
    So you can get 420/Week with perfect Quests.

    280 with the 40Relics quests…

    The price seems reasonable. You cant always afford it if you run broke on your last shopping tour.


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