Spectral Set

Our first legendary set! Both cards will be only obtainable by the black market.

The set is based on this suggestion from icen. I removed the third item (Spectral Knickers) and enhanced the Spectral Daggers for legendary rarity.

I’m really excited to see this set in the next release. How about you?

Deadly pair of daggers...

Deadly pair of daggers…

... and a bad-ass cape!

… and a bad-ass cape!

The two items in the inventory.

The two items in the inventory.

5 thoughts on “Spectral Set

  1. Ontrose

    Another really interessant addition for the lategame.
    But there are 2 things i wonder about:
    Might it be possible to get an increase/level on the cape? (5% base+0,02%/level or whatever)
    I personally for legendary items it fits more when they increase a bit over time ^^ But well… that would be cosmetic only XD

    The second thing is: Why the hell is that set on a spider?!
    But for the 2 Carry setup this will fill the missing equipment spot =)

    1. Andy Post author

      Hehe, spider was just the random tower I had on my playground-map for the screenshot 🙂

      Also, good point about the level increase, thanks for the hint. This should be more like it:



  2. Ontrose

    Like i said it was just my opinion and well.. random numbers ^^’
    But much appreciated.

    Somehow it fits better to my view of high tier equipment =)

  3. icen

    @Andy . Wow its great. I love it. I think you actually did a nice job coming up of a better set effect that what i had orinally had in mind. 🙂
    Sorry if i have been out for a while. I have been really busy lately. Thanks for the feedbacks and ideas. Its actually better than before. Congrats. 🙂 I am so pleased you actually considered this idea.. thanks again!!

  4. t4c1

    Hmm, the cape seems kinda weak on its own. I think such effect would be ok maybe for a common (grey) tower, not for a legendary one. I didn’t do the math, but to me it seems the effect of dried cactus is far better than this one.
    Otherwise its a nice idea.


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