Infinite daily quests fixed

During the last days quest creation was unlimited. A little refactoring on server side during Easter holidays caused the problem (I forgot to adjust the database layer to work with the change in business logic).

This moment I deployed a hotifx, so it’s 1 quest per day again.

Thanks Thierry and Hoid for reporting!

3 thoughts on “Infinite daily quests fixed

  1. Hoid

    🙂 got Seelenreiser at last. Only cost about 15k relics (well over 10k at least). I really exploited this bug, but in my defense, i thought it was a new feautre.

    Btw, the cards screen says that there is a total of 41 towers (of which i have 40) but when i check against the uploaded cards on the homepage I only see 40 in total. Which is the lost tower?

    1. Andy Post author

      I think this could be horadric cube, which is no longer in use.

      I created a ticket to check the calculation on server side 🙂


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