Version 1.4.1

A small maintenance release was pushed to Google Play and the iOS App Store:

  • Upgrade to the latest SDKs
  • Fix a bonus round exploit
  • Fix crash in certain situations, by preventing Knusperhexe from eating revive mass creeps

2 thoughts on “Version 1.4.1

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for still updating/fixing the game but are any bigger updates in the works (new items / heroes) ?, Just to keep things fresh 😛

  2. cbs_the_sage

    bro whats progress on new content cuz its been a long time…this game is hands down my favorite and i reallly dont want to see this game die…..its a game thats been on my phone since 2014….i’ve been a regular player and have grinded my way to level 83 and I still play it…. please do something bro…..

    btw howcan i apply for moderators or any core team role??


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