Version 1.4.1

A small maintenance release was pushed to Google Play and the iOS App Store:

  • Upgrade to the latest SDKs
  • Fix a bonus round exploit
  • Fix crash in certain situations, by preventing Knusperhexe from eating revive mass creeps

6 thoughts on “Version 1.4.1

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for still updating/fixing the game but are any bigger updates in the works (new items / heroes) ?, Just to keep things fresh 😛

  2. cbs_the_sage

    bro whats progress on new content cuz its been a long time…this game is hands down my favorite and i reallly dont want to see this game die…..its a game thats been on my phone since 2014….i’ve been a regular player and have grinded my way to level 83 and I still play it…. please do something bro…..

    btw howcan i apply for moderators or any core team role??

  3. Expatriate


    Knux not being able to eat revive mass creeps is a big nerf to her in my opinion. Seeing that it was a response to one person’s bug report that others did not have any trouble with and could not be reproduced, instead of a balancing issue, I suggest that an alternative be pursued. I came back to the website to report that Knux doesn’t seem to be eating mass creeps, only to find that it wasn’t a bug. It’s your call, but Knux’s ability counter (don’t have complete numbers to say anything about total armor reducing) is currently nerfed by at least -20%, since mass revives could be eaten again in the past. Please leave a reply once you have time. Thanks.

  4. Romeo

    So I guess Mazebert is completely dead, eh? There’s been not a peep on new content, there hasn’t been an update in half a year and the forums are completely overrun with spam.

    1. Andy Post author

      Not quite but pretty much yes. I’m currently spending way too much time playing Path of Exile 🙂

      Just cleaned the forum from spam, hope it lasts a while.

      Have a good start in the new year!

      1. Romeo

        Much obliged.

        Sad to hear that Mazebert is finished. If you ever do another game, make sure to charge for it! I’d happily pay for whatever you come up with (Even Mazebert 2.0).

        Happy New Year!


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