Version 1.5.4 Alpha for Android

There is an Android release of the new version to try out:

Download MazebertTD-1.5.4.apk (~30 Mb)

Known gotchas related to multiplayer:

  • Playing over cellular network will probably not work (due to symmetric NATs preventing P2P)
  • Don’t expect super nice user experience if there are interruptions like incoming calls etc. However, interrupted games can always be resumed together
  • Can’t promise that all simulation bugs are fixed by now

Besides that, I’d be super happy if you’d give it a try.

I think the biggest problem right now is the matchmaking, since there are not many people looking for/hosting multiplayer games at the same time.

Maybe the forum would be a good point to look for fellow players, who feel adventurous and want to try a coop match with others.

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