Version 1.5.6 Alpha

There is a new alpha release to try:

Android: Download MazebertTD-1.5.6.apk (~30 Mb)
Windows: Download (~85 Mb)

New stuff:

  • All Quests are ported (this took longer than expected!)
  • New daily quest: Friends with Benefits
  • Lots of bugfixes & balancing adjustments

Hint: If you’re looking for fellow players to play a coop match with, please check out the Discord Server.

Thanks SnoreFox for letting us on your Discord!

2 thoughts on “Version 1.5.6 Alpha

  1. Brendell

    Hay! Dunno if this is the best place for big related feedback, but… There’s some crashing involving transmuting cards, displaying cards that aren’t there, and then attempting to transmute the card that doesn’t exist

    1. Andy Post author

      Thank you for reporting! I’ve seen this happening too from time to time. Unfortunately I haven’t come up with a fix yet. It’s on my bucket list for the next release!!


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