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Release 1.7.1

There is a bugfix release available for Android and Windows. iOS version was submitted to the App Store and will be available as soon as it passed review.


– The 2nd Scepter of Time not only drops but can now be equipped too (sorry for that!)
– Games that got corrupted by closing the app during loading screen will be repaired automatically and can be resumed
– Improved progress display when loading long games

Release 1.7

Release 1.7 is available for download on Google Play, Apple App Store and on Windows!

Since there have been quite some balancing adjustments, the 1.6 bonus round ladder is closed and all 1.7 games will count towards the new 1.7 bonus round ladder!


  • New hero: Bookworm
  • New wizard skills: Damage against Ber, Fal, Vex
  • New wizard skill: Archmage for more wizard experience



  • Dungeon Door now caps at 30s
  • Balu cannot cuddle faster than once per second
  • Shadow max adaption reduced from 10,000% to 700%
  • Experienced Dust gives +5 levels instead of +1
  • The last Horseman drops a Scepter of Time in singleplayer mode, so you can use two scepters in bonus round
  • Bugfixes

    • Element research is re-opened when game is closed and resumed at research card selection
    • Fast skipped waves now count correctly to Impatience Wrath bonus
    • More precise tower range preview (range is now rounded instead of clamped)
    • Fixed wrong count displayed after transmuting cards

    Have fun!!!

    Release 1.6.3

    Release 1.6.3 is available for download on Google Play or on Windows! iOS will probably arrive during the next week.

    There are two exciting new features in this version!


    There is a brand new replay section, containing all games you’ve submitted so far. This means from now on you will be able to rewatch all your previously played Mazebert games! Multiplayer games are supported as well. Plus, if you want to share a replay with friends, you can simply send them a link.

    Element research!

    The two elements limitation was quite frustrating for many players. The limitation is still there, but only for the early game! From now on, once you survive a Horseman wave, you can pick a element card to research an element you’ve not been chosen before. From here on it’s up to you. Do the research right now, save the card for later or simply swipe it up for card dust 😉


    Most important thing first: Loot is fixed. The drop chance is still reduced, but the early game loot is back to normal. I’ve introduced a last minute bug without knowing when bundling up the 1.6 release. Sorry bout that. I did an optimization to the loot system and this had the effect that all item levels could be rolled for a drop and if the item level was too high the drop was silently discarded. Yeah, not my brightest moment. It took me quite while to track down, what exactly was wrong with the RNG.

    There are a few more fixes:
    – Fix for game being stuck between waves
    – Fix Irish Pub’s ability
    – Fix Kiwi’s Haka had no effect
    – Fix sound performance problems

    Have fun!!!

    Most popular towers so far

    After roughly a week, here are some stats about the most used carriers in games that were won:

    Tower Total Percent
    Wolf 50 31.85
    Balu the Bear 32 20.38
    Holgar the Horrible 15 9.55
    Hitman 14 8.92
    Shadow 11 7.01
    Huli the Monkey 5 3.18
    Scarecrow 5 3.18
    Solara, The Fire Elemental 4 2.55
    Muli the Evil Twin 3 1.91
    Scarface 3 1.91
    Black Widow 3 1.91
    Knusperhexe 2 1.27
    Miss Jilly 2 1.27
    Electric Chair 2 1.27
    Blofeld Laser Satellite 1 0.64
    Abyss King 1 0.64
    Dandelion 1 0.64
    Baby Rabbit 1 0.64
    Poisonous Frog 1 0.64
    The Dark Forge 1 0.64

    Release 1.6.2

    There is a bugfix release available for Android and Windows. iOS version was submitted to the App Store and will be available as soon as it passed review.


    – Fix crash when opening golden tower cards or deck master skill selection
    – Deck Master skill now displays the chosen card

    Some stats about the new version

    About 550 games have been submitted so far. You’ve collected 951185 xp in total and played 475h.

    To do that, 438588 creeps had to die, and you dealt a total damage of 2,568T.

    I also drilled down what carriers where used.

    Here is the distribution of all carriers used so far (tower with most damage at end of game):

    Tower Usage %
    Acolyte of Greed 1 0.19
    Baby Rabbit 33 6.20
    Balu the Bear 15 2.82
    Bear Hunter 12 2.26
    Beaver 2 0.38
    Black Widow 2 0.38
    Blofeld Laser Satellite 1 0.19
    Dandelion 19 3.57
    Electric Chair 3 0.56
    Elvis Imitator 2 0.38
    Gib, the Frozen Daemon 1 0.19
    Hitman 120 22.56
    Holgar the Horrible 25 4.70
    Huli the Monkey 10 1.88
    Irish Pub 1 0.19
    Miss Jilly 23 4.32
    Mr. Iron 5 0.94
    Muli the Evil Twin 1 0.19
    Pocket Thief 9 1.69
    Poisonous Frog 8 1.50
    Scarecrow 18 3.38
    Scarface 22 4.14
    Scientist 6 1.13
    Shadow 65 12.22
    Solara, The Fire Elemental 55 10.34
    The Dark Forge 2 0.38
    The Ripper 3 0.56
    Wolf 68 12.78

    And here are the carriers used in games that were won (looks like we have a Wolf meta):

    Tower Usage %
    Balu the Bear 5 12.50
    Blofeld Laser Satellite 1 2.50
    Dandelion 1 2.50
    Electric Chair 2 5.00
    Hitman 3 7.50
    Holgar the Horrible 2 5.00
    Miss Jilly 1 2.50
    Muli the Evil Twin 1 2.50
    Scarecrow 1 2.50
    Scarface 1 2.50
    Shadow 2 5.00
    Solara, The Fire Elemental 2 5.00
    Wolf 18 45.00

    Release 1.6.1

    There is a bugfix release available for Android and Windows.

    Thanks for your patience and all your submitted bug reports!


    – Allow to recover from dsync errors when loading a game
    – The game is paused when you leave the app (phone call, message, etc), on both single and multiplayer
    – Fix rare race condition that occasionally crashed the game
    – Fix screen transition glitches
    – Fix crash after giving Messerschmidt’s to Bear Hunter
    – Correctly end horseman music when he is leaked
    – Sounds are hearable when played the first time on all platforms
    – Missing button sounds implemented

    Known bugs so far

    I’ve been quite busy fixing bugs that occured with the new version!

    The most annoying one, when loading a game you get something like this:
    Error: Oh shit, we have a dsync during loading. Expected: -1791210489, actual: 132561663(My turn: 25200, theirs: 25200

    If you run into it: Please keep your savegame, you will be able to load the game again after the next bugfix release.

    I will submit a new release tomorrow with those bugfixes (and all that will be fixed until then):
    – Allow to recover from dsync errors when loading a game
    – Correctly end horseman music when he is leaked
    – Sounds are hearable when played the first time on all platforms
    – Missing button sounds implemented
    – Fix rare race condition that occasionally crashed the game

    I’m trying to address as many fixes as possible in the next release so that you don’t need to download too many versions.

    Release 1.6

    Release 1.6 is available for download on Google Play, Apple App Store or on Windows!

    Don’t forget to visit the Black Market this weekend. A new legendary card will wait for you there. The black market guy was so excited about the new release that he dropped the price to 50 relics!

    There’s a lot of other new stuff in this version:

    Multiplayer support (Beta)

    You can now defeat the evil creeps together! To make this happen I’ve rewritten the entire game from scratch. CAUTION The internals of the game work completely different now, so please finish all games before upgrading, you won’t be able to resume them with the new version.

    Multiplayer is still in beta, so please bare with it 🙂 That said, I’ve successfully played hours of coop matches and it mostly worked out fine.

    Crossplay is fully supported, so it does not matter if your friends are playing on Android, iOS or Windows.

    There are currently some limitations to be aware of:

    • No matchmaking, no audio chat. SnoreFox was so kind to let us on his Discord server to compensate for that.
    • A technique called UDP hole punching is used, which probably won’t work for most cellular networks. WiFi is the recommended way to play.
    • Two players are max right now

    Hope you’ll give the multiplayer mode a try. I certainly will as long as I’m not busy fixing bugs 🙂

    New daily quests

    To celebrate the new release there’s a new quest for winning a coop game together. And the cool thing is that both players will get the reward afterwards!

    Also, there’s a new quest for beating hard difficulty granting an extremly high reward.

    New blackmarket cards

    Two new cards made it to the current black market rotation. I think they will open up interesting new build possibilities:


    This tower should bring Nature back in the game. Brace yourself, Darkness!

    Balancing adjustments

    • It’s no longer possible to play with all three elements at once, you must choose two
    • Amount of rounds is no longer chosen per skill, it’s a built in option instead
    • Drop rate was significantly nerfed (around 25% less)
    • Drop quality was significantly nerfed (it’s no longer granted that all possible unique/legendary cards will drop in a 200 wave game)


    • Scepter of Time has no negative effect on amount of attacks anymore
    • Damage over time is now calculated correctly and DoT kills are rewared to the correct tower (heya, Frog and Solara)
    • Knusperhexe can eat revive mass creeps again without crashing the game
    • A LOT MORE actually… And I might have added new ones during my rewrite. Please share if you’re running into bugs, so I can fix them!

    Have fun!!!

    Release date for next version

    It is done!

    All features are ported, the simulation is running stable, last balancing changes are completed.

    The next version will be released this Friday evening, at around 20:00 CET.

    My biggest concern has been the iOS app, but the current version is back on the app store and the new version is already approved by Apple and waits to be released!

    There are a few things that are going to happen in the next days:

    • The 1.4 bonus round ladder will finally be archived and no bonus round scores can be submitted anymore for 1.4
    • The black market rotation will be updated – with the new version there will be two new black market items available to obtain and two old items will be removed from the black market
    • On Friday, your collected experience during the beta will be transferred to your production accounts
    • On Friday, all accounts created during the beta will be moved over to production

    A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who played the beta. Without your feedback the new version wouldn’t have been possible. There’ve been countless bugs and gotchas you discovered with the new simulation code (and the multiplayer networking) that wouldn’t be fixed by now without your help.

    I’m super excited for this release. When I started Mazebert, even in my wildest dreams I wouldn’t have thought about multiplayer being possible one day.

    See you this weekend, happy building!