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Lightblade Academy items incoming


It took some time, but I finished the announced cross reference items to my latest game Lightblade Academy.

A charming little robot!

A charming little robot!

This is the greatest weapon in the galaxy, right?

This is the greatest weapon in the galaxy, right?

I think this is really cool and I’m very excited what you gonna do with this!

Initially I thought about just one item, but during the implementation it turned into a set. We got the charming little robot GT1. He actually is a sidekick and shoots laser beams at creeps! Plasma Blade makes the other half of the set. Not much to say about it, unless the fact that it only activates when your tower reached level 50. Oh, and the set ability gives you an additional inventory slot!

The items are plain uniques, this means they can drop for everyone and they will be part of the upcoming Christmas version!

Full set in the inventory.

Full set in the inventory.

GT1's sidekick action!

GT1’s sidekick action!

Spectral Set

Our first legendary set! Both cards will be only obtainable by the black market.

The set is based on this suggestion from icen. I removed the third item (Spectral Knickers) and enhanced the Spectral Daggers for legendary rarity.

I’m really excited to see this set in the next release. How about you?

Deadly pair of daggers...

Deadly pair of daggers…

... and a bad-ass cape!

… and a bad-ass cape!

The two items in the inventory.

The two items in the inventory.

The Black Market II

Thanks for all your feedback about the black market! The first draft of it was really lacking a few things, plus it somehow made the regular card forge obsolete. So here is my second attempt!

  • It still opens every weekend
  • The price is increased to 300 relics
  • Weekend drop is random but the same for all players
  • You get a guaranteed special legendary item card
  • Those special legendaries can only obtained by the black market, not by the forge

Let me know what you think!

You get special..

You get special..

..legendary cards!

..legendary cards!

The costs are increased...

The costs are increased..

The Black Market

A new button next to the forge, it's inactive...

A new button next to the forge, it’s inactive…

... but every weekend it is activated...

… but every weekend it is activated…

... and you can visit the black market.

… and you can visit the black market.

How it will work

For 50 relics you can buy a random golden card every weekend. Not a good price you will say… But: The chance is exactly the same for every card, be it common or legendary. And the card is the same for every player at this weekend. For instance, if you invest 50 relics and get Seelenreisser from the black market, you might tell your friend, cause he will get the very same card this weekend! Or you might not tell him, it’s up to you 😉

What do you think, will you give the black market a visit from time to time?