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The Ripper Redesign

Didn’t much like the design of the previous ripper piece so I started back from the line art sketch and redesigned him. Which version do you guys like better? Also the way I layered everything while drawing the new one I can change anything and everything easily without having to rerender anything. Tell me what you guys think! Also think this version will appear much clearer in the game.RipperOnline

Are you absolutely sure?

Alright guys, quite a few of you complained about Stifmeister as name for the new hero. Still he was the winner of the previous poll. As it was a relatively close result, I decided to do a final poll between the top 3 options.

Honestly, I didn’t know ‘Stifmeister’ refers to Stifler from American Pie when I added this option ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I can understand the reasoning why this might not be appropriatly fitting in the current theme world of the game. But in the end the final decision is up to you! So. One more round on the new hero’s name!

New legendary hero

Still processing the massive amount of input you gave us for the new creep abilities.

In the meantime, can you help us find a name for this new legendary hero?

The hero picture is subject to change, depending on the final name.


New creep abilities


Slow, Fast, Armor? Our creeps can do better than that!

We’re looking for your ideas for new creep abilities.

Wanna see an example? Second Chance as first seen in YouTD! Creeps start with less hitpoints, but whenever they’re about to die, there is a chance for them to be resurrected with a percentage of their hitpoints and to continue their path.

Feel free to post your idea on the blog or on facebook! The best ideas will be implemented in the next version. We’re looking forward to your ideas!

Power to the creeps – #creepabilities!

Supporter Badge


When buying a cookie, beer or whisky one thing you receive is the corresponding supporter card.

But you will also level-up your supporter badge.

Your supporter badge will be displayed in-game, on the website and also next to your forum profile!

Buying the cookie adds +1 to your supporter badge...

For instance, buying the cookie will add +1 to your supporter badge!

For a cookie you get +1, a beer +2 and a whisky +4. Please note that every item in the developer’s inn can be purchased only once per player. This means the max supporter level to reach is 7.

The badge is displayed in game ...

The badge is displayed in game …

... wherever your wizard profile is shown.

… wherever your wizard profile is shown.

To credit you appropriately for supporting the development of Mazebert, we will also display you in the Supporters section of the website.

Plus, your forum profile will display your badge as well!

Check it out, I’m already there as I bought a cookie and a beer for the final smoke test of the developer’s inn :mrgreen:

Our supporters are listed on the website...

Our supporters are listed on the website…

... and the badge will be added to your forum profile, too.

… and the badge will be added to your forum profile, too.

Abyss King


Behold, his Majesty, the Abyss King!

For players on the dark side, this might be an interesting alternative to Knusperhexe!

Thanks Manu for the great idea. It took me 5 months, but finally we will have this tower in the game ๐Ÿ™‚

Artwork by Brandon, imho one of his best creations so far!



Solara, The Fire Elemental


Meet Solara, The Fire Elemental! She’s one of the new darkness cards in 1.0 and I bet she will kick A LOT of creep’s butts.

With Solara, there will also come a fix that poison/burn damage is dealt correctly to splashed targets. So you might want to give those Poisonous Frog builds with Messerschmidt’s Reaver another try!

Thanks Spirrow for providing the tower idea and of course Brandon, for creating the fantastic artwork!