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The Golden Map


I’m happy to introduce yet another map! The Golden Map is based on Warlemmings suggestion from the last map poll.

It will be the final and most challenging land to beat in the upcoming release!

The final challenge!

You are only allowed to play golden cards on this map! This means, only golden cards you created in the fires of the card forge and that are part of your personal deck can be played.


Without enough golden cards in your deck you will be lost

Non-golden cards can still drop, but are only good for transmuting in this land!




December 3rd


We have our legendary hero!

It was a close run between Osmo and Vincent, the ‘horadric’ Mage. In the end, Vasuhn’s idea won with just 2 votes difference. Congratz and thanks everybody who voted!

Here is how the card looks and works in the game.

How do you like it? Do you look forward to collecting this legendary card?

Only three towers/items needed..

Only three towers/items needed..

.. 2 of 3 done!

.. 2 of 3 done!

Legendary Hero Vote


You can now vote for the last legendary hero that will be added to 1.0!

We have some excellent suggestion from the community:

Elena, Heart of Winter

Your blood freezes. Your armor rusts. Your life is mine!

16% Chance of slowing Enemies by 50% for 5 seconds (25% for bosses)
30% armor reduction on enemies (10% for bosses)
-25% damage
-1 multicrit

Vincent, the “horadric”-mage

He’s not horadric and he’s not even a mage, but he can build everything out of a pen and a string.

-10% Damage
-5% Attackspeed
You only need 3 Items/Towers to combine

Osmo, the Jester King

Better Lucky than Skilled: My solemn vow.

Loaded Dice
+20% Luck
+20% Item Chance
+50% Gold
-25% Damage
-25% Experience

The poll will close in three days on Wednesday, so what you waiting for? 🙂

Your idea for a legendary hero

your-heroWe have one legendary hero left to add for version 1.0, and it could be yours!

This is your chance to see your own card added to the game. All you need to do is:
– Send us your legendary hero idea either as facebook or blog comment
– Convince the community that your hero is the best 🙂

We will start a poll with all submissions on Sunday, November 30th.

Good luck everybody, we’re excited for your submissions!

Seelenreisser, the first legendary item

Meet Seelenreisser, the first legendary item (if we don’t count Blood Demon’s Blade..)

It’s inspired by Richard Schwartz’s Askir book series. There, Havald is the carrier of Seelenreißer, a blade with the ability to steal souls, but with a mind of its own. Not always easy to be the carrier of that weapon…

Let me know what you think!

The initial blade.

The initial blade.

After stealing some souls..

After stealing some souls..