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Reginn the Dvergr


Quite a few players complained about the RNG of the card forge. And I can feel the pain!

So what’s the problem with the current mechanic? For new players it is actually pretty good. Every foil card they get is probably new, and there is a fair chance to even pull a legendary out. For advanced players however it gets more and more unlikely to get one of the desired cards that are still missing in their collection. I think this is quite a frustrating experience, especially when new content updates are released with new legendaries.

I’m currently working on the option to forge cards directly. I adjusted the “my cards” screen, so that all cards are displayed. Non golden cards are rendered in a ghostly blue, indicating that they are still missing in your collection. For missing cards a buy button is enabled. Pressing that button leads you to the famous dwarf Reginn the Dvergr. He’s doing custom forgery for you, if you are willing to pay his price.

  • Common: 50
  • Uncommon: 100
  • Rare: 150
  • Unique: 200
  • Legendary: 400

Excited to hear your thoughts about this addition! Will you pay Reginn a visit?

Jack in the Box

A new hero for the upcoming version!

I know this was an idea from the community, but I can’t remember who was the author. If YOU read this by any chance, please let me know, so I can adjust the author field 🙂

Although I like the sound of ‘a mysterious supporter’!


Kiwi Tower

A tribute to New Zealand!

The idea for the Kiwi tower formed during my holidays in New Zealand this year.

Finally here it is! Big thanks to Brandon for the amazing artwork!

A very rare egg...

A very rare egg…

...takes some time to hatch.

…takes some time to hatch.

But when it hatches...

But when it hatches…

It knows a few tricks...

It knows a few tricks…

To perform a  haka.

To perform a haka.

Or a roundhouse kick!

Or a roundhouse kick!

Card dust – Notes from the developer

I introduced a new concept to the game: A Note from the Developer.

I noticed that even though I continuously add new features to the game, I don’t really tell the players about it. Of course, I post those features to the blog (which is good and I’ll keep doing that) but it doesn’t reach all the players.

For the upcoming card dust feature I do a little experiment.

There’s gonna be a new hidden quest, that completes as soon as you transmute two unique/legendary cards. If the quest is not completed yet, two A Note from the Developer cards will be added to your item stash. The notes explain the new feature and you can try it by swiping them up, resulting in your first card dust. And a completed hidden quest!

I believe this could be a great way to promote new features to all players.

Looking forward to your opinion on this!

A mini tutorial item added to your stash.

A Note from the Developer. What?

Quest for creating your first card dust.

This happens if you follow the instructions.

Lightblade Academy items incoming


It took some time, but I finished the announced cross reference items to my latest game Lightblade Academy.

A charming little robot!

A charming little robot!

This is the greatest weapon in the galaxy, right?

This is the greatest weapon in the galaxy, right?

I think this is really cool and I’m very excited what you gonna do with this!

Initially I thought about just one item, but during the implementation it turned into a set. We got the charming little robot GT1. He actually is a sidekick and shoots laser beams at creeps! Plasma Blade makes the other half of the set. Not much to say about it, unless the fact that it only activates when your tower reached level 50. Oh, and the set ability gives you an additional inventory slot!

The items are plain uniques, this means they can drop for everyone and they will be part of the upcoming Christmas version!

Full set in the inventory.

Full set in the inventory.

GT1's sidekick action!

GT1’s sidekick action!

Bowling Ball

I’m working on a new item, a shiny bowling ball! It’s called The Dude


The ball adds a new active ability to the carrier to roll the ball. The bowling ball starts at your tower’s location and follows the path to the waypoint where the creeps start.

Ground creeps hit by the ball have a 20% chance to die instantly (Bosses cannot be killed but deflect the ball to the gutter!).




Creeps killed add up to your score for the roll, like in a real bowling game! The total score of the bowling game is then displayed on the card.




To make things a bit more interesting there are new quests especially for this item. Players who own this card can get the daily quest Strike Machine.

There will be a hidden quest related to the bowling ball, too! Has to remain secret for now, but it will be a very hard one, promised!


Other active abilities

Towers can now have more than one active ability. To distinguish the abilities, all existing abilities got a special icon, like Irish Pub in the screenshot. When Irish Pub carries a bowling ball, the second ability is simply displayed next to the built-in ability.



When do we get it?

The bowling ball will be released as a new Black Market item in version 1.2!

Spectral Set

Our first legendary set! Both cards will be only obtainable by the black market.

The set is based on this suggestion from icen. I removed the third item (Spectral Knickers) and enhanced the Spectral Daggers for legendary rarity.

I’m really excited to see this set in the next release. How about you?

Deadly pair of daggers...

Deadly pair of daggers…

... and a bad-ass cape!

… and a bad-ass cape!

The two items in the inventory.

The two items in the inventory.