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The Black Market II

Thanks for all your feedback about the black market! The first draft of it was really lacking a few things, plus it somehow made the regular card forge obsolete. So here is my second attempt!

  • It still opens every weekend
  • The price is increased to 300 relics
  • Weekend drop is random but the same for all players
  • You get a guaranteed special legendary item card
  • Those special legendaries can only obtained by the black market, not by the forge

Let me know what you think!

You get special..

You get special..

..legendary cards!

..legendary cards!

The costs are increased...

The costs are increased..

The Black Market

A new button next to the forge, it's inactive...

A new button next to the forge, it’s inactive…

... but every weekend it is activated...

… but every weekend it is activated…

... and you can visit the black market.

… and you can visit the black market.

How it will work

For 50 relics you can buy a random golden card every weekend. Not a good price you will say… But: The chance is exactly the same for every card, be it common or legendary. And the card is the same for every player at this weekend. For instance, if you invest 50 relics and get Seelenreisser from the black market, you might tell your friend, cause he will get the very same card this weekend! Or you might not tell him, it’s up to you 😉

What do you think, will you give the black market a visit from time to time?

Finalized heroes

Finalized the two new heroes!

Loan Shark turned legendary. Also it’s gold drawback was changed from -30% to -50%.

Kvothe on the other hand turned uncommon and requires only wizard level 24. This means everyone has this hero available in the basic card deck. So hardcore players can power-level as soon as level 24 is reached.

What do you think about these adjustments?



Hands on your golden cards

A new cool feature of player profile pages!

When hovering over a golden card, a preview picture is loaded and displayed as overlay. It also works on mobile devices, simply tap on the card’s name there!



Player profiles finished!


From now on, every player has a very own page on, displaying his/her personal game progress.

For instance, this is my profile page.

When browsing through the forum, or one of the ladders, you can now open the player profile of any player, by simply clicking on the player’s name.

The sidebar on the right now displays a list of all the players that are playing in this moment. Same here, just click on a player’s name and the corresponding profile page will open.

Hope you like it! :mrgreen:

Golden Scepter of Time

Solving the riddle about the test I wrote yesterday.

Quote from norvask:

I dont have golden scepter of time. So im not do golden grounds. *sob*

From now on, when a player unlocks golden grounds, the golden Scepter of Time card is added to the player’s deck!

To all 347 players who unlocked golden grounds already: Golden Scepter of Time has been added to your deck as a belated reward!

The golden scepter of time arrived just in time...

The golden scepter of time arrived just in time…