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Black Market getting closer

Tests are green, whohoo, refactoring 😀 Just kidding! Can you see from the tests what this sentence in my spec exactly means?

The black market will be available every weekend.

Well at least my weekend begins in most cases at that time. Fingers crossed tomorrow as well, hehe!

public function testIsBlackMarketAvailable_startOfWeekend()
    $this->givenCurrentTime('2015-09-18 18:00:00');

public function testIsBlackMarketAvailable_middleOfWeekend()
    $this->givenCurrentTime('2015-09-19 21:30:41');

public function testIsBlackMarketAvailable_endOfWeekend()
    $this->givenCurrentTime('2015-09-20 23:59:59');

public function testIsBlackMarketAvailable_startOfWeek()
    $this->givenCurrentTime('2015-09-21 00:00:00');

public function testIsBlackMarketAvailable_endOfWeek()
    $this->givenCurrentTime('2015-09-25 17:59:59');

public function testIsBlackMarketAvailable_startOfWeekendBecauseTimeZoneOffset()
    $this->givenCurrentTime('2015-09-25 17:00:00');

public function testIsBlackMarketAvailable_endOfWeekendBecauseTimeZoneOffset()
    $this->givenCurrentTime('2015-09-21 04:59:59');

The Black Market II

Thanks for all your feedback about the black market! The first draft of it was really lacking a few things, plus it somehow made the regular card forge obsolete. So here is my second attempt!

  • It still opens every weekend
  • The price is increased to 300 relics
  • Weekend drop is random but the same for all players
  • You get a guaranteed special legendary item card
  • Those special legendaries can only obtained by the black market, not by the forge

Let me know what you think!

You get special..

You get special..

..legendary cards!

..legendary cards!

The costs are increased...

The costs are increased..

The Black Market

A new button next to the forge, it's inactive...

A new button next to the forge, it’s inactive…

... but every weekend it is activated...

… but every weekend it is activated…

... and you can visit the black market.

… and you can visit the black market.

How it will work

For 50 relics you can buy a random golden card every weekend. Not a good price you will say… But: The chance is exactly the same for every card, be it common or legendary. And the card is the same for every player at this weekend. For instance, if you invest 50 relics and get Seelenreisser from the black market, you might tell your friend, cause he will get the very same card this weekend! Or you might not tell him, it’s up to you 😉

What do you think, will you give the black market a visit from time to time?

New creep abilities


Slow, Fast, Armor? Our creeps can do better than that!

We’re looking for your ideas for new creep abilities.

Wanna see an example? Second Chance as first seen in YouTD! Creeps start with less hitpoints, but whenever they’re about to die, there is a chance for them to be resurrected with a percentage of their hitpoints and to continue their path.

Feel free to post your idea on the blog or on facebook! The best ideas will be implemented in the next version. We’re looking forward to your ideas!

Power to the creeps – #creepabilities!

Increased legendary hero chance!

We increased the chance to forge legendary heroes! It is now equal to the chance for other legendaries.

To apologize for this oddity, we decided to transfer every player a gift of 20 card relics!

One free roll for everybody. Good luck! Maybe you let us know what you forged?


New bonustime ladder season

advent-calendar-18A new season starts with 1.0!

Who will be the first to submit a score for the new maps?

Right now the new bonustime ladder is alone and empty. It’s waiting to get filled 😉

Note that the 0.10.0 bonus ladder has been closed today. Bonus time submissions with an app version less than 1.0 won’t be added anymore.

Supporter Badge


When buying a cookie, beer or whisky one thing you receive is the corresponding supporter card.

But you will also level-up your supporter badge.

Your supporter badge will be displayed in-game, on the website and also next to your forum profile!

Buying the cookie adds +1 to your supporter badge...

For instance, buying the cookie will add +1 to your supporter badge!

For a cookie you get +1, a beer +2 and a whisky +4. Please note that every item in the developer’s inn can be purchased only once per player. This means the max supporter level to reach is 7.

The badge is displayed in game ...

The badge is displayed in game …

... wherever your wizard profile is shown.

… wherever your wizard profile is shown.

To credit you appropriately for supporting the development of Mazebert, we will also display you in the Supporters section of the website.

Plus, your forum profile will display your badge as well!

Check it out, I’m already there as I bought a cookie and a beer for the final smoke test of the developer’s inn :mrgreen:

Our supporters are listed on the website...

Our supporters are listed on the website…

... and the badge will be added to your forum profile, too.

… and the badge will be added to your forum profile, too.