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Version 1.4 released on iOS

Version 1.4 is finally released on iOS! Sorry for that loooong delay… First there was a certificate issue, then I couldn’t build the iOS version on windows anymore and then I had a lot to do for a little side project. But what lasts long… 🙂

Have fun!

Release notes 1.4

Done! The latest version is pushed to Google Play!

Don’t miss the new stuff that comes with this version:

New creep ability: Revive

Creeps learned the power to revive themselves. Watch out for creeps with Revive. If you kill one, it has the chance to revive itself with reduced healthpoints!

Forge golden cards without RNG

A powerful (yet expensive) card smith entered the game: Reginn the Dvergr!
You find him by navigating to my wizard -> cards and select a card of which you do not own the golden version.
Behold: Reginn needs to be unlocked first by beating golden grounds.

New black market item: Hydra Arrow

TheMarine’s suggestion finally made it to the game. As a new item on Black Market rotation!

Improvements / Balancing

  • Removed Unlucky Pants, Skull of Darkness, Spectral Daggers and Cape of the Spectre from Black Market (they are now regular expert cards)
  • Slight performance enhancement using new AS3 array/vector methods
  • Holgar‘s mead drop chance is now based on luck, not item chance
  • Stonecutter’s Temple got buffed (+3% damage per level instead of +1% damage per level)
  • Scepter of Time player skill now only needs one point to invest


  • Marriage status of wedding rings is now persisted. In general the whole marriage procedure is now displayed more explicit (with a countdown)!
  • When the savegame is manipulated the game cannot advance anymore until the manipulation is undone
  • Fixed a potential game freeze after bonus round
  • Scarecrow‘s first shot is no longer broken
  • Fixed the bug that stole you an inventory slot under certain conditions

Have fun!!!

New ladder backend

The ladder backend is ported to Java. After integration testing the development environment during the past few days, I feel confident enough to go live with the new backend. 1, 2, 3 live!

Players shouldn’t recognize the switch (except maybe a slightly improved performance).

Although the whole thing is written test-driven with a coverage of 93% percent and the fact that I manually tested each usecase with the current app, there might still be bugs that slipped through.

If you notice anything weird about the ladder backend, I’d be glad if you throw me a message!

And the good news: After this being done now, I have time again to add new game content. Yay!

Version 1.3.0 is available on iOS

Good news for all iOS users. Version 1.3.0 is now available for iOS, too.

I’m sorry it didn’t work out for Christmas this time.

To make it up a little bit, this weekend the Black Market will once more offer Mjölnir for free.

Happy building!

Duplicate cards can be traded again

I just uploaded bugfix release 1.3.1 to Google Play, including the following fixes:

– Duplicate cards can be traded again
– The currently equipped item is not transmuted when double tapping
– Stats depending on level are calculated correctly after replacing tower
– Aura of Unlucky Pants is still effective after replacing the carrier

There are a few reported issues I could not reproduce so far. I’m still trying, but probably need more information and time. I noticed the trade duplicate issue was bugging a lot of you, so I decided to ship a bugfix update with what I have so far.

Happy building (& trading duplicates)!

PS: iOS 1.3.0 still in Apple review!.

iOS version

As you might have noticed version 1.3 for iOS is not released yet. It is still in the Apple review process, which is in idle mode during the Christmas holidays until December 29th.

This means the iOS version will probably go live beginning of January. When exactly is hard to say, cause the Apple review times are not predictable..

Anyhow, as soon as the iOS version goes live, the Christmas present will be available on the Black Market again for one weekend. This way iOS players also get the chance to fetch it. And Android players who missed it will have a second shot!

Release Notes 1.3

Done! The Christmas release is pushed to the Google Play and Apple App Store!

Don’t forget to visit the Black Market the weekend after Christmas. A free legendary item will wait for you there!

There’s a lot of other new stuff in this version:

Improved card deck usability

No longer swipe until your fingers bleed! Win every drinking contest. And get rid of unique items you do not need.

  • Double tap to transmute stack of cards
  • Long press to drink stack of potions
  • Transmute unique cards to dust

You will find notes from the developer explaining how to use the new deck features:

A mini tutorial item added to your stash.

One of three mini tutorial cards.

Dust cards

Two unique cards of any kind can be transmuted into a random dust card:


Christmas present

Don’t forget to collect it! Weekend after Christmas at the Black Market!

What might it be?

What might it be?

Tower related quests

I’m very excited to hear your opinion on this! If it works well, I shall add more of those quests! Right now there is a quest for one unique tower of each element.



It is snowing on Blood Moor and Shattered Plains in the months December, January and February!

Lightblade Academy items

To celebrate the release of my latest game, I added a new item set!
May the force be with you 🙂

A charming little robot!

A charming little robot!

This is the greatest weapon in the galaxy, right?

This is the greatest weapon in the galaxy, right?

Full set in the inventory.

Full set in the inventory.

Stonecutter’s Temple

This tower should bring Metropolis back in the game. Brace yourself, Darkness!


A tribute tower to New Zealand’s great nature!

A very rare egg...

A very rare egg…

...will turn into a kiwi!

…will turn into a kiwi!

Jack in the Box

A new legendary hero!!


Electric Chair

The chair’s electricity can produce more jumps now as the chair levels up…

Back button support on Android

Finally the native back button of Android is supported on all screens. On the main menu you now have the option to completely shut down Mazebert the Android way!


  • Before transmuting a unique card, a warning is displayed
  • Before building / replacing a unique card, a warning is displayed
  • Improved cooldown display precision
  • Indicator is shown when a tower reached the fastest / slowest possible cooldown


  • Fixed crash that could happen when transmuting items on golden grounds (big thanks to Abbot!)
  • Fixed item duplication on golden grounds (big thanks to Abbot!)
  • Fixed bug that sometimes maps did not unlock
  • Fixed potential creep speed exploit (big thanks to Abbot!)
  • Bonus round progress is now saved regularily (big thanks to Abbot!)

Have fun!!!

Version 1.2 release notes

Version 1.2 was shipped to Google Play and iOS App Store! The Google Play version should reach you in the next 24 hours, the iOS version should be reviewed by Apple within a week or so.

New wizard skills

It was time to do it!

One more item slot

One more item slot

More challenge damage.

More challenge damage.

The Dude

A new blackmarket item, that gives the carrier the ability to bowl.
There is a new daily quest that can roll if you own it!
Plus, a top-secret hidden quest 🙂

F**k it, let's go bowling!

Let’s go bowling!


I added a cap *duck*. Was suggested a lot of times, and I felt this is the only option to get this guy back in line with the other towers. Let’s see how this works out!

  • Max adaption bonus: 10000%
  • High boni are displayed shortended, for instance 1.3k%

Old Shadow

Old Shadow

New Shadow

New Shadow


Was really too powerful, time to re-adjust a little. Rest assured, I played a few games with the nerfed Scarecrow – it is still a very strong carry.

  • Starts with 2 crows instead of 3.
  • Gets 1 extra crow every 14 instead of 7 levels.

Old Scarecrow

Old Scarecrow

New Scarecrow

New Scarecrow

New bonus round ladder

A new bonus round ladder season has begun! Scores submitted with previous versions are no longer accepted.


  • Fixed several item duplication bugs.
  • Fixed an exploit that prevented the game from processing to the next round.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from completing multiple quests in one game.
  • Fixed a bug with Bear Hunter, that caused the game to crash.