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This morning I took a little break from porting the game to the new engine.

I also wanted to test how fast and flexible the new engine will be, when it comes to adding new towers. And it really was a breeze to code Yggdrasil.

In the upcoming version, Nature will finally get some reinforcements!

Kiwi Tower

A tribute to New Zealand!

The idea for the Kiwi tower formed during my holidays in New Zealand this year.

Finally here it is! Big thanks to Brandon for the amazing artwork!

A very rare egg...

A very rare egg…

...takes some time to hatch.

…takes some time to hatch.

But when it hatches...

But when it hatches…

It knows a few tricks...

It knows a few tricks…

To perform a  haka.

To perform a haka.

Or a roundhouse kick!

Or a roundhouse kick!

Wolf rebalanced

Version 1.1 is feature complete, now I’m working on the final balancing adjustments/tweaking.

Tonight I improved the Wolf tower, based on the excellent input from @DerphMinh. The following adjustments were made:

  • Wolves got a new pack ability to share XP when a kill is made by the pack
  • Wolves got a custom field showing the status of the wolf in the pack




A long awaited adjustment…

After epic holidays it’s time for some development!

Here’s an adjustment, that’s been due for quite a bit. And I think it’s really important for the next version to be done: The Shadow nerf!



I went with the suggestion by DerpMinh and removed the adaption on waves with Zod armor. When damaging Zod, it no longer increases the damage against all armor types by 3%. Instead, it counts as a regular hit on a random armor type.

For instance, when adapting two times in a row on a challenge:

  • 1st hit: counts as Ber -> +3% against Ber, -1% against Fal and Vex.
  • 2nd hit: counts as Vex -> +3% against Vex, -1% against Fal and Ber.

The tower notification was changed as well: Instead of “Adapt!” it now displays the armor type that was adapted to, for instance “Ber!” or “Vex!”.

I really hope the description on the tower card explains it well and isn’t too long. If you have suggestions for the card text or ideas to explain it in an easier way, I’m happy to hear about it!

The Ripper Redesign

Didn’t much like the design of the previous ripper piece so I started back from the line art sketch and redesigned him. Which version do you guys like better? Also the way I layered everything while drawing the new one I can change anything and everything easily without having to rerender anything. Tell me what you guys think! Also think this version will appear much clearer in the game.RipperOnline

Abyss King


Behold, his Majesty, the Abyss King!

For players on the dark side, this might be an interesting alternative to Knusperhexe!

Thanks Manu for the great idea. It took me 5 months, but finally we will have this tower in the game 🙂

Artwork by Brandon, imho one of his best creations so far!