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New forum ✌️


it’s been a while, but I’ve recently found the time to write a new forum. It’s no longer bbpress, but a self written solution. Downside: no deep integration into wordpress. Upside: no more spammers and deep integration into the game!

What does this mean? Everybody is allowed to read. Only players of the game are allowed to write! You can login with your IGN and savecode.

Hope to see you at the new forum!

PS: This game is not dead yet. I’m currently working on a complete rewrite with proper multiplayer support.


Forum closed to readonly mode

Due to heavy spammer attacks the forum is currently in readonly mode.

I’ve cleaned the database from all 30.000 spam posts (why do people post this disgusting stuff?).

Currently I’m looking for ways to prevent further spam in the forum. Akismet Anti-Spam doesn’t seem to be enough anymore.

Christmas Present

This weekend, a special present will wait for you at the black market! I’ve heard it’s a pretty bad-ass sword.

What might it be?

What might it be?

Wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas time!

PS: Just noticed this morning that 59 players already purchased a black market item for 250 this night. You’ve got your 250 relics back and will get a present, too.

Working on new ladder backend

I’m currently porting the ladder backend from PHP to Java.

There are a few reasons for me to do that:

  • With the root server in place, there’s no need to stick to PHP anymore
  • Better flexibility to add new features (I’m much more comfortable in Java than PHP)
  • Hands on evaluation of my use case centric open source framework JUsecase

The new ladder backend is completely open source. Feel free to checkout the github repository and see the current progress.

Build StatusCoverage Status

Big thanks to the great people at Github, Travis CI and Coveralls! You’re providing an amazing infrastructure to the open source community.