Basic cards

These are the cards every wizard starts with.

Small Potion of StrengthSmall Potion of SpeedSmall Potion of CritMead BottlePotion of StrengthPotion of SpeedPotion of CritWater of LifeGreat Potion of StrengthGreat Potion of SpeedGreat Potion of CritGreat Water of LifeTears of the GodsNillos' Elixir of CunningPainkillerSoul FlaskEssence of Wisdom

Expert cards

It is said that the card forge turns relics into expert cards every once in a while.

Essence of Luck

Supporter cards

Cards for buying the developers a cookie, beer or whisky. No game changers, but made with a lot of love.
This is our way to say thank you to our supporters!

Angelic Elixir