Electric Chair

The electric chair once belonged to the interior of the state prison of Metropolis. From year to year the chair became more and more desperate to kill criminals, so that eventually it grilled prisoners that came a little too close. The electric chair was removed from the prison and the death penalty is nowadays no longer practiced in Metropolis. The Electric Chair however, still cries for blood and is more powerful than ever before.

Electric Chair

One thought on “Electric Chair

  1. Atreides

    Ahh. The almighty electric chair. Where to start.. Well it’s, BY FAR, the best overall tower in the game. Though, pre-lvl 14 can get hairy and you should avoid using him until then. You can sometimes manage getting him to lvl 14 using him but it takes a bit of luck. (mass creeps revive will cause difficulties)

    So, what happens at lvl 14? Well, you start hitting 3 creeps. This allows you to take on everything rather easy for the rest of the game. The trick with this tower is that when some creeps sometimes manage to sneak passed his 1 range, you call the next wave early so that your bolts will destroy the previous round’s creep as your attacking the new round’s creep. You want to be positioned pretty close to spawn point with this tower. There’s one thing to watch out for when playing this fast paced style and thats when flying waves follow after you’ve surmounted a fair bit of previous round creeps that have snuck past you. Though, this problem is pretty well alleviated after lvl 28 when you start hitting 4 creeps. It’s a rare occurance problem but just giving a heads up because when you first discover how fricken awesome this tower is and think “Oh Boy! This is fucking great. Im GODLIKE” there are still things to watch out for. Amazing game designer, I’ll add. Amazing!

    Here’s some cool other things you might not know about this tower. Every target hit gets procs. Meaning if you have 2 set frozen set, for ecample, all 7 targets will recieve its slowing effect. This is where he holds his own end game vs the likes of shadow and satellite (obviously, not on par with those 2 but easily enough to carry you through 60,000-120,000 seconds of bonus round.)… So he does less damage, right? Well you can straight up multiply that damage by 7x and THEN, you can add to that damage, each one of your 25% cleaves from the reaver card. That’s how he is still a contender in the end game. Early and mid game, there’s no comparison with any other card. Electric chair is #1 early-mid and, my opinion, around 5th or 6th end game.

    If this was all newfound info to you, because your first impression of him was that he was utter crap and you never looked back, then I hope you enjoy playing him now. He is my favourite. Enjoy!


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