New forum ✌️


it’s been a while, but I’ve recently found the time to write a new forum. It’s no longer bbpress, but a self written solution. Downside: no deep integration into wordpress. Upside: no more spammers and deep integration into the game!

What does this mean? Everybody is allowed to read. Only players of the game are allowed to write! You can login with your IGN and savecode.

Hope to see you at the new forum!

PS: This game is not dead yet. I’m currently working on a complete rewrite with proper multiplayer support.


Forum closed to readonly mode

Due to heavy spammer attacks the forum is currently in readonly mode.

I’ve cleaned the database from all 30.000 spam posts (why do people post this disgusting stuff?).

Currently I’m looking for ways to prevent further spam in the forum. Akismet Anti-Spam doesn’t seem to be enough anymore.

Version 1.4.1

A small maintenance release was pushed to Google Play and the iOS App Store:

  • Upgrade to the latest SDKs
  • Fix a bonus round exploit
  • Fix crash in certain situations, by preventing Knusperhexe from eating revive mass creeps

Christmas Present

This weekend, a special present will wait for you at the black market! I’ve heard it’s a pretty bad-ass sword.

What might it be?

What might it be?

Wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas time!

PS: Just noticed this morning that 59 players already purchased a black market item for 250 this night. You’ve got your 250 relics back and will get a present, too.

Version 1.4 released on iOS

Version 1.4 is finally released on iOS! Sorry for that loooong delay… First there was a certificate issue, then I couldn’t build the iOS version on windows anymore and then I had a lot to do for a little side project. But what lasts long… 🙂

Have fun!

Release notes 1.4

Done! The latest version is pushed to Google Play!

Don’t miss the new stuff that comes with this version:

New creep ability: Revive

Creeps learned the power to revive themselves. Watch out for creeps with Revive. If you kill one, it has the chance to revive itself with reduced healthpoints!

Forge golden cards without RNG

A powerful (yet expensive) card smith entered the game: Reginn the Dvergr!
You find him by navigating to my wizard -> cards and select a card of which you do not own the golden version.
Behold: Reginn needs to be unlocked first by beating golden grounds.

New black market item: Hydra Arrow

TheMarine’s suggestion finally made it to the game. As a new item on Black Market rotation!

Improvements / Balancing

  • Removed Unlucky Pants, Skull of Darkness, Spectral Daggers and Cape of the Spectre from Black Market (they are now regular expert cards)
  • Slight performance enhancement using new AS3 array/vector methods
  • Holgar‘s mead drop chance is now based on luck, not item chance
  • Stonecutter’s Temple got buffed (+3% damage per level instead of +1% damage per level)
  • Scepter of Time player skill now only needs one point to invest


  • Marriage status of wedding rings is now persisted. In general the whole marriage procedure is now displayed more explicit (with a countdown)!
  • When the savegame is manipulated the game cannot advance anymore until the manipulation is undone
  • Fixed a potential game freeze after bonus round
  • Scarecrow‘s first shot is no longer broken
  • Fixed the bug that stole you an inventory slot under certain conditions

Have fun!!!

Infinite daily quests fixed

During the last days quest creation was unlimited. A little refactoring on server side during Easter holidays caused the problem (I forgot to adjust the database layer to work with the change in business logic).

This moment I deployed a hotifx, so it’s 1 quest per day again.

Thanks Thierry and Hoid for reporting!