This is a long promised post about the new immobilize system introduced with the Dawn of Light release last Christmas. Immobilize abilities are those who alter the movement of creeps: Time Warp, Knockback, Stun and Slow. Steady creeps (or Vir) are totally immune to those abilities. All other creeps have an immobilize resistance. Initially, that resistance is 0%. When chance based immobilize abilities are rolled, the chance is first reduced by the current immobilize resistance of the creep. Whenever a creep is immobilized it gains +10% immobilize resistance. Also the immobilize resistance is steadily reduced at a rate of -10%/second. For instance, a level 99 Beaver has about 20% chance to stun. Here's an example of what would happen:
Event Effective chance Immobilize resistance
Creep spawned 20% 0%
Beaver attacks but does not stun 20% 0%
Beaver attacks and stuns 10% 10%
Simulation is updated (100ms) 11% 9%
Simulation is updated (100ms) 12% 8%
Beaver attacks and stuns 2% 18%
Simulation is updated (100ms) 3% 17%
Sorry it took so long to write this post! If you have any questions, please drop me a comment, I'm happy to answer all of them :-)

When the DoL season is over, Frog will receive a significant buff. This tower was meant to be a feared boss-killer. But currently our little Frog is very underpowered. Frog is going to get the Toxic decomposition ability, causing his venom to penetrate 30% armor. Plus, the poison damage per level will be increased from 1% to 2%. I hope we're going to see more Frog builds after this change. What do you think? Would you give him a chance after the buff?

The forum now tracks what posts you have read! For me it was exhausting to track what forum threads I've already read. I think I also missed a few posts and may not have responded as frequent as I should have. From now on the amount of unread posts is shown as a badge 1. This badge is shown for the forum menu entry, the forum page and for each category listing. It keeps track on a per post basis, so aggregated numbers are shown. For instance: Forum menu entry shows 5 News shows 3 The news page shows 1 for a news you haven't seen yet. Once you open up a thread it is marked as read for you. If you don't see any: Note that you need to be logged in to see the forum badges. Let me know what you think!

This weekend I did mostly maintenance work on the server. Since the amount of data in the DB outgrew the mariadb default settings, I did some fine-tuning of buffer sizes and binlogs. You probably won't notice it, but the DB update time is now pretty fast. It used to be 18ms, with the growing data it went up to 80ms and is now about 2ms on average. Pretty cool! I've added a little feature as well: The stats page now shows the current players (what was displayed in the sidebar in the old wordpress days). You can check it out here.

Here's the current Scepter of Time situation (thanks @Diamuid Ua Dhiboune for bringing this up):
  • You gain one copy if you invest the skill point
  • You gain another copy (if you are in single player) once hitting bonus round
Right now MP games have the advantage that they can start with 2 scepters. Once I allow MP games with more than 2 players this will become even trickier, since you could end up with 3 or 4 scepters at the start of the game. Yesterday, I coded a new version of the scepter:
  • Equipping the scepter does nothing, but grants an active ability
  • Triggering the ability toggles the game speed: 1x (normal), 2x (currently 1 scepter), 3x (new), 4x (currently 2 scepters)
  • The effect is global: Every player with a scepter can trigger it and the changed speed is applied to the entire game
This way you gain higher speeds without item micro-management. And MP games have no longer an early game advantage. Here are some screenshots of the new Scepter of Time. Let me know what you think!

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