Version 2.2.0 is ready to download for Android and Windows. Edit: iOS version is approved an available on the App Store! This version prepares you to play Rise of Cthulhu season games starting December, 11th.

General adjustments

Hope to see you all for the season start! Cheers Andy

There's yet another cool feature coming to version 2.2! I tested multiplayer yesterday and got some drops that I'd usually auto-transmute with my build, but that'd be very nice for the build of the other player. And I thought, hey wouldn't it be great to be able to give cards to other players in a multiplayer match? Well, it's been a long night, but now we'll be able to do that! And it's not just items, towers and potions can be shared as well. It works for almost all cards, even uniques and legendaries, with just a few exceptions, which are Wedding Rings and Branches of Yggdrasil. Uniques/legendaries can only be given to another player if the card did not drop for that player yet. I had a lot of fun implementing and testing this feature. I think it will enable a huge amount of new strategies and I'm soooo excited to see what you're gonna do with this. What do you think?

Rise of Cthulhu is feature complete! You can find the season teaser here. All card pages have been updated as well. I'm still playing tons of games and balancing everything to be ready for the season start on December, 11th. Around next week version 2.2 will be available for download. 2.2 will include all balancing adjustments to the existing content. The season content will unlock December, 11th! It was quite a ride and I'm super thrilled about Rise of Cthulhu. Thank you for your countless ideas and suggestions to improve the game. Special thanks to Ser Takatschun for the season idea and for drawing Cthulhu! I look forward to seeing all of you at the season start. If you would like to support the future development of Mazebert TD - starting now season supporter packs are available for purchase. Thank you so much for playing Mazebert TD and for your support!

Just a quick teaser for next season! I'm shopping on the dev-server Black Market :-) Overall, season content is almost complete. I'm currently playing tons of games to test all the new stuff. Want to surprise you, so there's gonna be no beta this time.

There's now lore for the Money Bin! It was stupid of the creeps to break into the Money Bin. Because while a welcome mat sits at the Bin’s front entrance, intruders quickly learn the mat is just for show. The Money Bin’s ground floor is protected by traps too numerous to list in full, though they include fall-away doors, spiked walls, acid pits, gatling guns, and a host of venomous creepy crawlies. Those who survive these initial perils are able to access the Bin’s upper levels, but would-be robbers must still contend with ten additional floors’ worth of guards and snares if they intend to access the Money Bin’s vault. The vault, of course, has its own defenses, though in reality it needs none. Because any hooligan unfortunate enough to reach the Money Bin’s eleventh floor must face the Bin’s creator - an industrious Scot who defends his wealth with a vitality that belies his age.

There's now lore for the Bear Hunter! These strange creatures walkin’ through the mountains? Well, the Bear Hunter reckons they must not’a heard that these forests are his, and that he don’t take kindly at all to trespassers. The Hunter’s snares normally trap black and brown bears, but he’s recently learned that they catch creeps just as easily. Hell, easier even. The bears eventually learn to avoid areas the Hunter has trapped, but the creeps? Those dumb sacks just keep marchin’ through the Hunter’s land, content to keep fillin’ the Hunter’s traps and his belly. Yes, the Bear Hunter’s eaten a lot of creep meat over the past few weeks. And while creep sure don’t cook or chew or taste as good as bear does, the Bear Hunter’s never been one to complain about scorin’ an easy meal. The Bear Hunter’s known lean times before, but for as long as this creep siege carries on, he won’t go to bed hungry.

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