I'm working on a new version of Yggdrasil. There are some balancing problems with the current version that need to be fixed:
  • With all branches in inventory, Yggdrasil gains up to 7x potion effects
  • This is quite a lot!
  • You basically need to stack insane amounts of multicrit on Yggdrasil before replacing it with your final carrier
  • This and the shorter bonus round means that all carriers that get stronger over time are not very useful with Yggdrasil meta
The new Yggdrasil will be released with the end of the Dawn of Light season in June. Those are the changes so far:
  • Element changed from Nature to Unknown (it's the ash tree goddamn it!)
  • This means Yggdrasil can drop no matter what elements you choose
  • Since there's no element, element quests do not fail by building it
  • There is one branch per element, connecting the norse worlds Jotunheim (Nature), Midgard (Metro), Helheim (Darkness) and Asgard (Light)
  • Since Yggdrasil has no element, it is not affected by branches in its inventory
Here are some screenshots of the new Yggdrasil. Let me know what you think!

So far, 11266 season games have been played. Of those, 1768 games were won and made it to the bonus round. 276 games have encountered Vir.

Most popular carry towers (dealt most damage) in those games that were won:

Solara The Fire Elemental109
Balu the Bear108
Lucifer (Darkness)95
Blofeld Laser Satellite90
Holgar the Horrible85
Muli the Evil Twin85
The Ripper72
Lucifer (Light)51
King Arthur27
Huli the Monkey24
Mr. Iron23
Black Widow17
Miss Jilly12
Electric Chair11
Bear Hunter10
Abyss King8
Stonecutter's Temple5
Twisted Novice Wizard4
Baby Rabbit3
Acolyte of Greed3
Gib the Frozen Daemon3
Poisonous Frog2
Blood Demon2
Money Bin2
Pocket Thief1
The Dark Forge1
Herb Witch1
Rainbow Unicorn1
Elvis Imitator1

Most popular carry towers (dealt most damage) in all games:

Solara The Fire Elemental712
Holgar the Horrible453
Baby Rabbit365
Lucifer (Darkness)264
King Arthur260
Huli the Monkey235
Balu the Bear218
Electric Chair217
Miss Jilly163
The Ripper155
Bear Hunter138
Muli the Evil Twin107
Lucifer (Light)102
Blofeld Laser Satellite100
Poisonous Frog73
Pocket Thief53
Mr. Iron45
Black Widow44
Abyss King21
Small Spider16
Elvis Imitator14
Herb Witch13
The Dark Forge13
Twisted Novice Wizard11
Acolyte of Greed11
Stonecutter's Temple10
Rainbow Unicorn5
Blood Demon3
Money Bin3
Gib the Frozen Daemon3
Irish Pub2

I've uploaded a new version to Google Play and submitted it to Apple Review. The Windows version is already available for download. Version 2.0.4 contains mostly critical bugfixes and improvements for the problems you discovered. Please note that the simulation version is upgraded from 18 to 19, because there are some breaking changes. However, no hard balancing changes have been done. All dramatic balancing adjustments will be done when the season ends and the DoL content is taken over to standard.


  • Better luck calculation for negative abilities (you can hit Ghost creeps with Roderic now)


  • Knock back works as intended
  • Abyss King damage bonus is always applied correctly
  • Guard aura range is now dynamic and can be affected by Helm of Hades
  • Fix crash when Unicorn is killed the moment it was built
  • Unicorn tears work with wedding rings/Yggdrasil
Have fun with the new version, and happy building!

The player profile page now shows your season progress! For instance, here is the DoL season profile of SnoreFox. If you played the season you can toggle on the profile page between standard and season. If you can't toggle this on your profile yet, it is time to give the Dawn of Light season a try :-)

Have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas time! To celebrate with you the black market has a present for all season players! From now until the end of the weekend you can get Roordahuizum. Cheers! All non season players should visit the black market this weekend. There will be another present waiting for you there. Enjoy your christmas holidays everybody!

Version 2.0.3 is available for download on Android and Windows (Edit: submitted for iOS, let's see how quick Apple will review it). Bugfixes:
  • Fix crash if hologram is sold before creep dummy is killed
  • Time Lord cannot be stunned by Kiwi (thanks SnoreFox for finding and sharing)
About the Time Lord bug. This is really an actual, gamebreaking bug, not a balancing adjustment. Still it wasn't an easy decision what to do with it. And a big thank you to SnoreFox for finding and reporting it. Since SnoreFox is the only player who has Kiwi so far in DoL, I decided to roll out a fix to the server immediately. This means all games submitted from now on with Kiwi stunning a steady creep (like Vir), will cause a dsync on the server and will only be partially valid up to that point. Crafting Kiwi in DoL season in versions 2.0.2, 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 is not possible anymore, to prevent dsync frustrations. If you can, please upgrade to version 2.0.3 asap that contains this fix. Sorry, that bug is on me! Sorry about the inconveniences this caused. And thanks to SnoreFox for helping me to fix it that fast. Cheers Andy

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