There's a new maintenance release available for Android.
  • Improved performance in late game by holding less textures in memory
  • Improved keyboard handling in multiplayer game chat
  • Latest news about the game are displayed in main menu

Today I've implemented the Adventurer! Kudos to @TheMarine for the idea. The most difficult part was to design the light card theme. If Darkness has it, sure thing Light needed something special, too! And a reminder to those who did not vote yet! You have a chance to do it until next weekend (then I will start work on the other two common towers)! So hush hush, go out and submit your vote ;-)

There's a new maintenance release available for Android. Keep your phones cool during this hot summer!
  • Fix for rare simulation crash by auto transmuting
  • Fix crash caused by multiple instances of the app being created by accident
  • Reduced app size by using app bundles

Release 1.8.5 is available to download on Android, iOS and Windows. This is a maintenance release with no balancing adjustments.


  • Long press on tower / item / potion button in menu, to see list of auto-transmutes and to disable them if needed.
  • iOS: If you enjoy the game, you can now buy me a drink at the Developer's Inn. The prices on iOS are slightly different to Android, since the price tiers do not match exactly. Thank you for your support!


  • Item auras are applied correctly when a tower is replaced.
  • Magic Mushroom damage penalty stacks correctly.
  • In case a tower cannot attack, it is now clearly written on its card.

Gosh, I'm a bit overwhelmed by how many fantastic ideas you came up with! It took some time to look through all threads and get the poll together. But here it is! Note that you are voting on the general mechanic of each tower submission. All balancing related numbers are still subject to change. The top three suggestions with the most votes will be implemented. Every player has exactly one vote, so use it wisely. PS: I used the public holiday to scribble on the Adventurer, which is clearly in the lead at the moment. Don't forget to vote! There are lots of great ideas in the pool and it's very close.

Vote for your favorite common light tower (closed, thanks for voting)

Adventurer (thread) 6 25%
Guardsman (thread) 4 17%
Unicorn Wannabe (thread) 3 13%
Gargoyle (thread) 3 13%
Force Apprentice (thread) 2 8%
Priest (thread) 2 8%
Prism (thread) 1 4%
Laser Pointer (thread) 1 4%
Illuminating Crystal (thread) 1 4%
Crystal (thread) 1 4%
Sunbeam (thread) 0 0%
Cupid (thread) 0 0%

Release 1.8.4 is available for download on Windows and Android. iOS will follow as soon as it passed Apple review. This is a maintenance release with no balancing adjustments.


  • Better Angelic Elixir card description
  • Angelic Elixir gives Darkness towers a dark instead of a light aura
  • Confirmation for drinking Card Dust potions
  • Card text improvements (thanks jhoijhoi)


  • Submitting the first game after the tutorial does not produce an error anymore

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