The first beta version for 2.1 is available now! This version runs against the development server and simulates the season end in June. If you're feeling adventurous, I'd be very grateful if you'd give the beta version a go. There are some pretty big balancing changes in here that I'd love to try out with you before all this goes live:
  • Multiplayer games with up to 4 players
  • Creep count stays the same in multiplayer
  • XP granted to towers based on damage dealt
  • Hitpoint formulas revised base on existing game data (mid/endgame should be more challenging now)
  • Various tower buffs
  • All progress made in beta will NOT be persistet. Your beta progress will be lost when the beta ends!
  • Therefore, please install the beta version separately from the current production version, so that you don't lose any data.
You can download the beta version here: Android (MazebertTD-beta-android.apk) Windows (MazebertTD-beta-win64.zip) I look forward to seeing you in beta and happy building! Cheers, Andy

Toilet Paper
During the last days I noticed more players online than usual. I think this is mostly caused by COVID-19 and more and more people being stuck at home. As a small contribution I decided to do an intermediate release in the next days, containing all the quality of life improvements planned for after DoL season merge. There's also a new unique item available to play with (toilet paper). Take care everybody and stay healthy!
  • New unique item: Toilet Paper (Stay healthy everyone!)
  • 20 relics are granted for every 3 games that are won
  • Card backgrounds for Nature and Metropolis
  • Overview of quests is displayed in-game
  • Fix for negative abilities triggering too often
  • Several bugfixes and small improvements
Update: I've uploaded the Windows and Android version, iOS will follow as soon as possible.

I'm currently rebalancing the game for the 2.1 version, that will go live when the Dawn of Light season ends. There are a few towers that I plan to buff that I wanted to share with you :-)


Guards seem a bit weak at the moment compared to other tower mechanics. The investment is pretty high, because you need to place guards instead of other valuable support towers. Simple Guard and Templar will gain 6 instead of 4 base damage per other guard in range. King Arthur will gain 12 instead of 6 base damage per other guard in range.

Mid game towers

Electric Chair and Scarecrow aren't used a lot in the current meta. They will receive a stats increase every 7 instead of 14 levels, which should make them a lot more viable for early/mid game. Dark Lucifer gains a second attack, to set him apart from Electric Chair.

Endgame towers

Due to the shorter bonus round The Ripper took a penalty as long-term endgame carrier. In order to make him a more valuable critter his killing spree will be buffed. Killing Spree speed bonus will be increased from 100% to 160%, the speed bonus per level from 2% to 3%. Shadow is another tower that I'd love to see played more again. His maximum adaption will be increased from 700% to 1300%, so that he better competes against Metropolis/Stonecutter's builds. Phoenix will gain 21 instead of 14 base damage per rebirth. Also, rebirth costs are initially 500 gold instead of 1000 gold, but will cost +500 extra gold for every rebirth triggered.

This is a long promised post about the new immobilize system introduced with the Dawn of Light release last Christmas. Immobilize abilities are those who alter the movement of creeps: Time Warp, Knockback, Stun and Slow. Steady creeps (or Vir) are totally immune to those abilities. All other creeps have an immobilize resistance. Initially, that resistance is 0%. When chance based immobilize abilities are rolled, the chance is first reduced by the current immobilize resistance of the creep. Whenever a creep is immobilized it gains +10% immobilize resistance. Also the immobilize resistance is steadily reduced at a rate of -10%/second. For instance, a level 99 Beaver has about 20% chance to stun. Here's an example of what would happen:
Event Effective chance Immobilize resistance
Creep spawned 20% 0%
Beaver attacks but does not stun 20% 0%
Beaver attacks and stuns 10% 10%
Simulation is updated (100ms) 11% 9%
Simulation is updated (100ms) 12% 8%
Beaver attacks and stuns 2% 18%
Simulation is updated (100ms) 3% 17%
Sorry it took so long to write this post! If you have any questions, please drop me a comment, I'm happy to answer all of them :-)

When the DoL season is over, Frog will receive a significant buff. This tower was meant to be a feared boss-killer. But currently our little Frog is very underpowered. Frog is going to get the Toxic decomposition ability, causing his venom to penetrate 30% armor. Plus, the poison damage per level will be increased from 1% to 2%. I hope we're going to see more Frog builds after this change. What do you think? Would you give him a chance after the buff?

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