Thor is one of the four norse gods of the upcoming Rag nar Rog season. Kudos to FuzzyEuk for the tower idea and for theorycrafting that super slow base cooldown of 60 seconds. When Thor is built, he calls Mjoelnir to his side, and doubles the stats of his hammer. The Hold Back ability allows you to keep his devastating attack for tough enemies. You can see it in action in the preview below.

Loki is the first of four norse gods that will be available at the black market during the upcoming Rag nar Rog season. As a professional trickster, he can't help but tinker with the upcoming prophecies. Stay tuned for the next three gods! Update: FuzzyEuk helped me to improve Loki. Now Loki has actual use for his +1 multiluck, with the Unseen Strike ability.

Veleda is going to be the signature tower of the upcoming season. She's a powerful norse seer and from time to time she'll create a prophecy item for you. Prophecy items can only be equipped by Veleda and all prophecies currently equipped by her can be fulfilled. I've added two low tier prophecies to give you an idea what kind of stuff will be possible next season. Also, the prophecies are far from complete! In case you have an idea for a prophecy, feel free to leave a comment here or create a post in the card ideas section. Update 2021/08/21 Added Blot to Odin and Tale of Dust prophecies.
A wealthy Boss
A hungover Challenge
Blot to Odin
Tale of Dust

The upcoming season will bring more tower options to the existing elements. I'd like to show you a new nature tower that's coming next season. Kudos to @SnoreFox, the guy who started the Discord Server two years ago :-) Snore Fox, a new nature tower for next season I think this tower will create some interesting builds! Update: I did a few runs with fox tower and I agree with @TheMarine, that the chance based rabbit eating doesn't feel very satisfying. I changed it into an active ability. I also followed @SnoreFox's suggestion and changed the rarity to unique. This way Nature will also catch up with Darkness on unique towers.

The RoC season ends in a few more days! (Sunday, Jun 27, 2021, 8:00 PM) Version 2.3 is published to all App Stores and available for download! You can read about all upcoming adjustments here. Those become active as soon as the season ends. Especially Beacon of Hope should beef up the Light element a fair bit! Thanks for everyone playing this season. I hope you had a blast with the Eldritch cards! And of course all progress you made in season will carry over to standard. In case you plan purchasing a RoC supporter pack, this is your last chance. They’ll return to the Mazebert vault after the Rise of Cthulhu season ends. Thank you so much for your support!

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