This post will contain all balancing adjustments, after RoC season is over. I will update this post periodically as more and more changes get implemented. This will be the place where all changes are listed, be it from Discord or from other forum threads.
  • Yggdrasil cannot be married ✅
  • Impatience's Wrath does not give more attack speed as it should
  • Next wave triggers after at least 2 minutes to prevent stalling games ✅
  • Slightly reduce Stonecutter's Temple damage bonus from 1% to 0.8% per tower ✅
  • Add Nature-only bonus to Manitou
  • Add new unique light tower to buff the light element ✅
  • Buff King Arthur to gain 1% damage per level ✅
  • Reduce Eldritch Clam item chance to 25% (from 50%) ✅
  • Reduce Eldritch Chainsaw damage per level to 0.6% (from 4%) ✅
  • A maximum of 7 cards can be exchanged with other players ✅
  • Rename difficulties (easy isn't easy and naming it like this enrages new players more than it should). I like the good old Normal, Nightmare, Hell - any better suggestions? ✅
  • Increase daily quest rewards on higher difficulties
  • Balance Necronomicon with multiplayer games ✅

Bosses that usually haunt @TheMarine are sighted in lots of Mazebert games today! I'm still investigating what's going on. If you love fighting bosses, today seems to be the day. Until then, I'll be working on a fix, hopefully ready for tomorrow ;-) Currently the game crashes once you reach timelord, there's an incompatibility with bosses and his underlings. I've already written a fix, so please hang on to those games. With the next app update you'll be able to continue and submit them normally. Edit: Version 2.2.3 with a fix is available for Android and Windows.

Version 2.2.1 is ready to download for Android, iOS and Windows. This version is a quality of life release. To have a fair season, all balancing related changes will come with the end of RoC. There's one exception, Cthulhu received a buff to be worth playing compared to other Old Ones.

All changes

  • Cthulhu buffed
  • Improved drop notifications
  • Long press next wave button to toggle auto next wave
  • Volume controls for sound / music
  • Fix for rare out of memory error
  • Fix for Unicorn dsync
  • Cultists are shown on Yig hero card in game

Today I hacked together a QoL improvement suggested by @florieger last year. There are now two notification bubbles:
  • Grey shows drops of cards that dropped before
  • Colored shows drops of cards that did not drop before
The colored bubble shows the highest rarity of those cards. In the screenshot below there are four tower cards that did not drop before, at least one of them has a unique rarity. When examining the cards, you see those are Mr. Iron, Muli the Evil Twin, Scarface and Irish Pub. So hopefully it will be easier to figure out, if the new drop is worth checking the menu or not. Do you think this is a useful addition? Any thoughts / suggestions are very welcome :-)
Drop notifications 1
Drop notifications 2
Drop notifications 3

Those are the most played heroes in RoC singleplayer games so far.
HeroGamesAverage bonus roundMax bonus round
Sir Littlefinger46501979853367
Shadow Mane3219725591232
Prince Lycaon2364578176027
Kvothe, the Arcane87318731066487
Baby Cthulhu2513672573883
The 'Horadric' Mage32106232627024
Loan Shark1922705428024
Lord Roderic13371246950
Prophet Lucien77624093389005
Osmo, the Jester King200

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