Version 2.5.0 is available for Android, iOS and Windows. This release prepares the app for the upcoming Rag nar Rog season starting December, 3rd.
  • Let Veleda predict your future!
  • Sacrifice creeps to unlock the gods Thor, Loki, Idun and Hel, each with unique abilities.
  • Veleda creates various prophecies that alter the fate of the game.
  • Be careful, which prophecies you're going to fulfil.
  • Fulfil Rag nar Rog - stop Naglfar and prevent the end of the world!
  • All progress is merged to standard on season end.

I'm happy to announce next season's supporter reward! Viking Blod Mead adds the Extra Gore cosmetic effect to the tower(s) drinking it. Since Extra Gore fits extremely nice with the spooky season, there will be a Halloween version end of October. In this version the supporter pack can already be purchased and played with. The Halloween version will also contain the new Snore Fox tower and spooky map tiles themed around Halloween. Viking Blod MeadExtra GoreHalloween Tiles

Idun is one of the four norse gods of the upcoming Rag nar Rog season. Idun is the goddess of eternal youth. Her healing is so strong that creeps are revived when they die in her range. On the other hand, the higher your health is, the stronger your nature towers will be able to grow.

Thor is one of the four norse gods of the upcoming Rag nar Rog season. Kudos to FuzzyEuk for the tower idea and for theorycrafting that super slow base cooldown of 60 seconds. When Thor is built, he calls Mjoelnir to his side, and doubles the stats of his hammer. The Hold Back ability allows you to keep his devastating attack for tough enemies. You can see it in action in the preview below.

Loki is the first of four norse gods that will be available at the black market during the upcoming Rag nar Rog season. As a professional trickster, he can't help but tinker with the upcoming prophecies. Stay tuned for the next three gods! Update: FuzzyEuk helped me to improve Loki. Now Loki has actual use for his +1 multiluck, with the Unseen Strike ability.

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