The second rare light tower is finished!
Phoenix has a new kind of damage ability. It constantly burns all creeps in range. It starts out very weak, but you can buff Phoenix by using gold and spare Phoenix cards! Thanks @Ghul for your idea!

We have our second blackmarket item for the upcoming Dawn of Light release. Armor of a fat knight is a legendary armor. The knight it belonged to was so fat, that the armor holds room for all towers around the carrier. They gain one inventory slot, but at the same time become a bit slower. Thanks Ghul for this sweet idea!

Since it was such a close vote between Templar and Candle, I've now added the Candle as a rare light tower.
I'm still unsure if the 2 range on this tower is better than the original 1 range. Definitely need to do a few more test runs with this guy. The burning damage over time was not added, instead candle deals more damage against air. The burning DoT is something I have in mind for the next rare tower (Phoenix). Thanks @t4c1 for your idea!

Oh man, the new map is going to be pretty hard! I was trying to build the templar and barely made it there.
The templar is finished! As with the guards, the Templar can be either male or female. Besides the massive crit chance every third hit, there's also a synergy with other guards on the map. Thanks @shimakura for this card idea!

Sorry this took so long. I've been on vacation for one month, causing tower delays!
This tower is a welcome guest to every party! To be fair, he likes to drink a lot on his own, but he also shares his famous luck with all party guests. Thanks @Cayenne for having this great idea! Next I'm going to implement the Templar!

There's a new version ready for Android and Windows. iOS will follow as soon as I have iOS 13 support figured out (Update: the new version is live on iOS!). Version 1.8.10 was already released previously this week for Android. Both are quality of life releases with no balancing adjustments. Update: 1.8.12 followed today, it fixes a rare crash so that FuzzyEuk can continue his game. Thanks Fuzzy for helping me fix this annoying bug!


  • Better tutorial - there are now tap animations!
  • Several small bugfixes
  • Updated to the latest libraries


  • Personal data on ladder screen is hidden by default
  • All tower levels and inventories can be displayed on the map


  • Fix rare time warp crash, so that FuzzyEuk can continue his game :-)

Vote for your favorite uncommon light tower (closed, thanks for voting)

The Tinker (thread) 28 24%
Templar (thread) 20 17%
Candle (thread) 19 16%
Cloud (thread) 12 10%
Judge (thread) 9 8%
Priest (thread) 8 7%
Swan (thread) 8 7%
Cherub (thread) 8 7%
Shrine of Gal'ad (thread) 7 6%
Finally here's the poll with all your uncommon tower suggestions. Note that you are voting on the general mechanic of each tower submission. All balancing related numbers are still subject to change. The top two suggestions with the most votes will be implemented. Every player has exactly one vote, so use it wisely. Take your time - you can submit your vote until end of September.

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