Version 2.0 is ready to download for Android and Windows. iOS will follow as soon as Apple approved it! This version contains all balancing adjustments and prepares you to play Dawn of Light season games starting December, 20th. You can check out the release notes here. I'm so excited, hope to see you all for the season start! Cheers Andy

It was always kind of weird, to hit creeps with steaks. Also it was hard to distinguish these items in the inventory, since all looked the same. In version 2.0 the steaks are turned into axes. Well done T-Bone Steak => Wood Axe Medium T-Bone Steak => War Axe Rare T-Bone Steak => Beheader
Wood Axe
War Axe
Snow Globe

I've started a closed beta version for the next week (windows only). If you would like to help with the final balancing touches, shoot me a short mail (andy [at] mazebert.com) and I'll send you an invitation link. Can't wait for the final release on December, 20th!

Dawn of Light is feature complete! You can find the bundled release notes here. All card pages have been updated as well. I'm still playing tons of games and balancing everything to be ready for the season start on December 20th. Around mid December version 2.0 will be available for download. 2.0 will include all balancing adjustments to the existing content. The season content will unlock December, 20th! It was quite a ride and I'm super thrilled about Dawn of Light. Thank you for your countless ideas and suggestions to improve the game. I look forward to seeing you at the season start. It should be a lot of fun, since there will be live messages, telling who first reached a certain wizard level, completed maps and faced the dreaded Time Lord. One more thing. If you would like to support me and the future development of Mazebert TD - starting now there's a season supporter pack available for purchase. As a goodie, a seasonal Mazebert TD shirt is included in each pack. Thank you so much for playing my game and for your support! Dawn of Light Supporter Pack

Lucifer is the third DoL unique tower.
When Lucifer is built, his sword Lightbringer is added to his inventory. The sword gives him massive damage, but also heals 50% of all his damage dealt over time. If you dare to remove Lightbringer from Lucifer, he turns into a fallen angel and Lightbringer breaks in two. Both dark and light Lucifer let damaged creeps rest in peace. So long, revive creeps! I still need to implement the sword-breaking part, I hope I'll manage to implement FuzzyEuk's idea for it. But that's it! All new light towers are implemented. I'm now off to the balancing part, it's gonna be a wild ride :-)

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