Probably the best TD game in Android store.

Andy Qdas - Google Play

Best game I've played in my life. Hands down a brilliant masterpiece made by a genius. Absolutely unforgiving gameplay and brutal game mechanics. Fantastical, magnificent piece of art. I am grateful to have been alive to experience this.

Hendrik Jacobus Pretorius - Google Play

One of the best games I've played period. Takes a bit to learn. Hope they add more content. I want to support this dev.

Ineffable Design - Google Play

This is a phenomenal strategy game. Intriguing to puzzle out the best strategies, and a great way to pass time while doing something else- worth a LOT, for no ads and smooth gameplay. Absolutely solid.

Steven Killen - Google Play

This is actually a REALLY, REALLY... good game. I was surprised at how unique it was to make it its own experience, unlike other games where they're constantly copying each other this game makes it new and I would recommend it to anybody. NOT PAY TO WIN AT ALL! LOVE IT 💜.

UNIRocktv - Google Play

Very unique take on the tower defence style. Rewards experimentation on different towers and element types. Worth trying out!

SpaceCircles - Google Play

This is without a doubt one of the best Tower Defense games you will ever love to hate. It is brutal, but in the best ways.

Matrim Cauthon - Google Play

This game truly never gets old. While I tend to go hard on it for a bit and put it away sometimes for months at a time, I can always pick it up and re-immerse myself in it quickly. I’ve been playing this game for years now and it’s been so fun to watch what the team has don and all the improvements made over the years. A game unlike any other, it perfectly brings in elements of rogue, card collecting, rpg, strategy and of course tower defense. There are so many different ways to win (and lose!) Love this game. And it’s free to win! My only complaint is that it doesn’t get more attention!

Schneidz85 - Apple App Store

One of the first games I had to redownload after getting a new phone, data transfer was easy even coming from an android device. Thanks for making such a fun and unique tower defense game!

forgettable person - Apple App Store

Best mobile gameplay experience I had with mobile devices. And I have played some expensive 'big fancy franchise' games, like Hearthstone, for a while... But they all come and go, Mazebert is the only one I keep playing.

Pedro Rothstein - Google Play

Best TD out there! Lots of cards to unlock and a variety of strategies to try depending on how you level your wizard. No ads and a very responsive dev who actively engages with players on the app's website or via email. The only IAP items are strictly donations that add fun cosmetic bonuses; absolutely not pay-to-win.

Matthew Goff - Google Play

Oh. My. Gamma. <3 I LOVE YOUR GAMES. I play MazebertTD on my android almost every day, many times waking up with my phone dead and in my hand.(oops) Please don't stop making games.

UndersleptOverplayed - Google Play

Amazing td A developer who actually participates in forum discussion, pulls most content ideas forum suggestions. Is by far the best TD on android, thank you for an amazing game!!! The game is even more amazing after each update!! Thank you for taking suggestions and releasing a quality project....

joseph mackey - Google Play

Excellent TD Best TD I've played in awhile. Ladders keep u competing for top score. Tons of towers. Rogue like tower defense offers a lot of replay value.

Neel Vohora - Google Play

Extremely good TD. No IAP or other BS. Despite only having a few maps, this is a very detailed TD game with a heavy roleplay aspect. Towers can become infinitely powerful pretty much and can consume potions, equip with items, and level to 99. There are about 30+ types of towers to choose from. There is also an RP aspect to leveling your main wizard character, crafting golden and legendary cards, daily quests, etc. Done in a way so that it can impact the game in a satisfying manner, but no need to Grind Levels to play. No IAPs, Ads, Paywalls, or anything that I've seen. This is a community written game and ever expanding.

Mike Sean - Google Play

Soul eater This game will suck up an infinite amount of hours from your life. Starting is easy, stopping requires a support group almost. Great job. Keep it up! The new update of maps solved the only issue with the game. And the added bonus of the quests and card building is sweet. Would be nice if you could get multiple quests everyday. But I can live with it. To top it off in more than willing to go to the bar and help support by buying the cookies and drinks. You guys deserve it. And your not greedy. Just good gamers

Steffan South - Google Play

Fun and unique This game is fun to play and different from all the other boring TDs out there. I really like it. Would be cool if you guys remade Gem TD from WC3 too!

Mark Foster - Google Play

Fantastic! This is not your typical tower defense game. Mazebert employs excellent gameplay and strategy, at a level that is unmatched by any other TD I have tried. This may not be the most graphically advanced game but, the attention to detail, incredible variety of towers, extensive equipment system and developer (who actively seeks out and implements player feedback) are quickly pushing Mazebert to be one of my top time sinks in the mobile market. Mazebert is a true gem.

Jason Jenkins - Google Play

Thumbs up! What an awesome game. Bloddy addictive and a lot of fun. Free to play, no pay2win or other nonsense. Great work dev ;)

Andreas Olscher - Google Play

Been playing this for over a year, and it only gets better with time. Great fun and lots of polish!

Based God - Google Play

Woohoo!!!! Version 1.0 is here which means Christmas has come early this year!! Every aspect of this great game has been improved and expanded! So if you have it then update and if you don't then get it!! Near endless options with and did I mention it is 100% free to play with no ads of any kind just 3 onetime only optional donations that add up to just $8.25!! Thank you Andy and crew, you have outdone yourselves!! Merry Christmas and enjoy the cookies, whiskey, and beer, you guys deserve it and more!!!!!!

Nick Hartje - Google Play

I had no idea :) Ocasionally i download some tds from google play but 80% of them are just there to make money and theres nothing to them. Ive played probably every td there is on wclll :) and Gem td and You td are by far the best things out there! So stumbling upon this and being like "hey i know what this is" was incredible. This thing is already well balanced. and it has a community and theres really nothing else you need to keep improving it :) forums are nice as well. got 2 more lvls to grind till lvl 70.. cheers guys

Valentin Zaicev - Google Play

20 Stars!!!! Awesome isn't a good enough word to describe this game!!!! I love everything about this game!! I am so glad to see how much effort and time you have put into expanding and improving your already excellent game and I can't wait for the new update coming in December, I'm 27 years old and for the first time in years I feel like a kid again waiting for Christmas!!

Nick Hartje - Google Play

Amazing TD game An incredible Skibi spin off with loads of great humor! I'd love to see more maps or a bigger map and a reason for me to spend money on this game :D definitely the most addicting game I've ever played! Near infinite replayability I've been at it non stop since I downloaded it months ago!

Alex Snyder - Google Play

Amazing replayability For a tower defense with only one map it is incredible the number of hours i have put into this game trying strategy after strategy. Play it 4 times and you'll know if you love it or hate it. I love it.

sean paulus - Google Play

Awesome game not enough review space to write what I want I've got more games on my Google play account then I want to count. this is by far the best def game for many reasons. One is the replay value is nuts, even if you use the same exact strategy you still might get as far as the time before or you might get even farther. The detailed gear system and potion system make the game so much more fun and interesting then just a simple plant tower upgrade range power speed blah blah blah. Some of these towers steal gold on hit, come with stack poison damage. Get this.

David Sanchez - Google Play

Ive never seen a better game than this one in the whole android market. And the most ironic thing? Your game is free while a lot of disgusting trash games out there are overpriced and force you to pay huge money after the first 5 minutes...

John McPraise - Google Play

This game has more to it than those out there with fancy graphics. Im giving it 5 tho I see a great room for improvemnt. Im looking forward too for a comprehensive detail on how things work like the luck or the increment in percentage of item quality. But yea this game is two thumbs up!

Kevin Dunglao - Google Play

The ideas and concepts in this game shocked and impressed me i love every bit of the game and the reference to diablo made me smile.

michael grant - Google Play

No ads, no in game purchases, no "rate this game" spam. And it is a simple yet complex game, already spent too many hours of my life on it :)

Christian van Gindertael - Google Play

Despite having fairly primitive graphics and literally no variety in terms of maps, this game is incredible. It has everything you want in a TD game from both in-game and out-of-game advancement to a huge number of distinct and unique towers. You will play this game for hours and not even realize it.

ZerglingOne1 - Google Play

Finally, a good, challenging tower defence that doesn't rely on premium currency

Toby Cruz - Google Play

An awesome tower defense. This game is an imaginative mixture of the loot system and leveling often found rpgs and the strategic approach found in tower defense games. I don't know how much of this game was inspired by the warcraft 3 mod, but this is ingenious.

John Doe - Google Play

I rarely do reviews but this game is worth endless hours of fun! Having multiple types of towers instead of going through the same grind upgrading the same towers is awesome! Also, the website is very useful and the developer is creative yet practical with changes! He also implements player ideas in the game through a community challenge on the website! Great game! Thanks!

Skyler Baake - Google Play

This game is everything I want in a time waster. I cannot WAIT for more upgrades and new goodies this game has gigantic possibilities! Fantastic game dev, thanks for not bombarding us with ads and in game purchases. With a few more upgrades I would be happy to pay a few dollars for this game. Thanks again.

Gary Koontz - Google Play

This is truely fun you have really recreated the experience of my favorite childhood game.

Cheng Yan - Google Play

Addictive + Creative = Best TD in Play Store.

tan yuxian - Google Play

Seems like a grand game and a decent TD. Only issue is the tutorial won't let me past the "scroll to the dandelion" bit. I scroll to it and nothing happens. Other than that the main game is fine and was only looking to the tutorial for a bit more in depth explanation as it went over my head some bits. Like I said before there it's a grand game :) Edit: Instant 5 star as soon as I saw you actually read these comments and did something with the info. Fantastic Dev and would love if there was a donate button.

Mat Drake - Google Play

Don't let the one map fool you. Tons of detail, loads of options every game is different. Plenty of replay value.

Chris Maybelater - Google Play

Keep up the good work. Already 5/5, and still has room for improvement. Simply Amazing :-) I lost all day until finally beat wave 200 :-)

Jānis Vaivars - Google Play

This is a Great Start!! I personally think that this game is pretty much the bee's knees when it comes down to tower defense games with a unique yet, complex and in-depth twist to it. Every attempt in the game to get to wave 200 has been pretty different due to the randomness of tower and item cards.

Nickolas Partello - Google Play

Super Compelling! I have played about every TD game out there and most for not long. The big part is meaningful progression. When i first saw only one map I figured I would not last long. Then I realized the card system for towers and I have not put it down for two weeks. This is spectacular design. Every time I get mad at the game because I feel it is not balanced, I try again and realize it is well balanced and requires a lot of thought. Keep going. Please make it meaningful. I would pay for this for sure. Monetization will make me cry unless it only unlocks content. Keep it up and download it if you have not.

Spencer Buchanan - Google Play

Neat tower defense! The ability for towers to gain experience, plus bonus stats from oils allows for a certain level of tower personalisation, adding much flavour to this TD. Looks very professionally made. :)

Jarek Glowacki - Google Play