Version 2.5.1

This version fixes two annoying bugs introduced by 2.5. I'm finally back at my PC to release it on all platforms. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience!
  • Fix excessive memory consumption of Idun's aura
  • Fix invalid game state, when Hel is sold with Training Hologram in aura range
After the upgrade you should be able to normally continue those games that crashed with out of memory errors before.


can't wait to play on pc and iphone

Why are 'All the bosses that are usually after TheMarine' now after me??

TheMarine complains about too many boss waves and now you are the one with the boss waves. The tables have turned today. :)

All my waves are boss too man edit: forgot what day it is. what a troll. >:(

Happy happy Joy Joy

its been a long time since a play this game any update or any strategy ??? teach me heheheheh..

Where is the Easter stuff? There should be Easter stuff.

Привет, как пройти заданих рагнарок у кровавой ведьмачьки?