Next Mazebert TD Season

I'm very sad to announce that there will be no season this December. I had a few things planned for a balancing season. The idea was to do a small update and buff underused/underperforming cards. But whenever I sat down after work at my computer, I couldn't get stuff done. I felt bad releasing just a small update without actual new content, which would waste a lot of your time just playtesting balancing adjustments. So I have nothing that's worth releasing this year and I'm very sorry to let you down! It seems I really needed a little break from working on the game. That being said, next year Mazebert TD is going to turn 10 years old. I'd love to celebrate this with a content update / season that's worth playing. The theme of next season will be a new type of towers: Water towers. Water towers can only be built on water tiles, not on land. Each water tower you build, will reduce the amount of your possible land towers by one. Water towers will be added to all current elements of the game. For instance, a Nature water tower could be a Blue Whale, while a Metro water tower could be a Battle Ship. In case you have ideas for water towers, I'd be very happy if you post them in the forum under card ideas. As always, you will be mentioned as author on the card and in the credits, for any tower idea that gets implemented. I'd also still like to buff some underperforming cards together with next year's big content update. You know the game much better than I do, so very happy about any suggestions on that front, too. I wish all of you a pleasent and relaxing Christmas time! Andy

That sounds fair. If your year has been anything like mine, then 2022 hasn't been the year for big updates or hobby projects. Holiday Vault Maybe this holiday season could be used to open the vault to previous seasons' unique items. Maybe that should be a poll, but there have been many that have asked about Baby Cthulhu and White Russian. Season Recycle If it is low effort, it might be interesting to have a 2023 season with patched seasons. E.g. replay Dawn of Light season after its balance patches were incorporated at the end of the season. Would that be as simple as setting the Sim version to the version following the end of each season?

Thanks Fuzzy, those are really good ideas! It'd still require some work on the code and testing and I'm really looking forword not to deploy a release, check logs and fix bugs :-) Especially as it would be still a very low effort release.

I love that idea! I missed some of the seasons and would like to collect them too. I'm such a fan of this game, I absolutely love it. This is the only strategy game that can actually hold my interest. You should try to incorporate a megalodon into the next season or RoboCop or Chuck Norris. Lol I honestly can't thank you enough for this game.

Thank you for the kind words!

That'll be an interesting twist, Water Towers

Take your time. hobbys need to makem fun or its pointless

Everyone needs a break Andy, appreciate the effort! Leviathan could be a cool Darkness water tower :)

Thank you andy I won't forget 10 years