Version 2.6

Version 2.6 is now available for all platforms.

New features

  • Prepared app for RnR season end (changelog)
  • All Guard towers gain XP from creep holograms
  • Mazebert account can be deleted within the app (I hope there's no reason to)


  • Bugfix for a network problem with multiplayer games (iOS)
  • Improved performance of Painting of Solea
  • Tinker aura range can be modified
  • All towers now properly react to gender change
  • Fix duplication of Drinking Horn

it's been a long while since I don't play the game but I noticed my wizard went back to level 1 and everything on my wizard is gone. is that supposed to have happened?

You can switch to standard in the main menu, button with countdown.

hi Andy, I got back to the game after many years not playing and got my old account back. but now my level is one on game and I was around 85. can I regain my old level?

did you read my question before posting this one?

Welcome back! As said, you're still level 85 in standard. This is your account there: This is your RnR season account, that's still level 1: You can switch between season in the main menu. The season will end Friday next week though...

Hi! Just had an absolutely insane run that got me from level 2 to almost 20. The run was made insane through the synergy between Alpha Wolf's crit effects, Manitou's multicrit, and Plasma Blade's damage bonus. This resulted in over 20K damage, which I later made into 300k with the help of some more things. I'm not sure how likely that would have been to happen, but maybe some rebalancing could be needed. Replay link:

Congrats on your first big run, enjoy the dopamine. Seeing as drops are mostly RNG based so you may have runs where you don't get enough Wolves to drop, Manitou may not drop at all, and/or you can make it hundreds of rounds without a specific item dropping at all. Damage can get into the Billions before you get a crack at the Time Lord but even if you get a few towers in the 10 to 100 millions you can get there. Just do not get discouraged when the same exp that gets you from level 2 to 20 is barely enough to notice the progress bar move... or the games where the drops just aren't on your side and you die slowly by a thousand paper cuts.


So does painting no longer do anything? Just noticed there was no text on the card anymore

It still does. I just missed to enable the visibility on the improved ability. Thanks for reporting.

how can the aura range from tinker be modified?

helm of hades probably

I had an amazing run knocking the time lord dude at the end of the bonus round in the rear but i cant claim my victory and everytime i load back in hes stuck at the tower just standing there almost 2hours spent on 400 waves and i can claim my prize, what gives any ideas? Its stuck in my resume tab

@MorsDeus can you long press the game in the resume tab? There'll be an option to submit the game so that you receive your rewards.

@Andy thanx alot, was slowly driveing me insane and now i dont have to super spam waves anymore to end a bad run haha

any tips for beginners? T_T

I guess no Thor and Vedetta (or whatever she was called) anymore then?

the guardxp and tinkerrange features are realy nice on the 1. look, some variants to use it 😍 andy, go on keep the game improving πŸ‘

I still love this ever since past years never get bored on this Game.. 😁β™₯️ i wish they have a swap tower places option or ability so i can switch places my powerful tower to different locations in endgame πŸ™πŸ˜… hello andyπŸ‘‹ best app in my mobile

"switch places my powerful tower to different locations in endgame" πŸ€”snore fox basicly does this

New here just found the game on the app store curious can't find anything about it is there any kind of discord for the game? Personally I like hopping in a discord to chat and talk about games I enjoy instead of forums. If there's not one it'd be great to start one it's a lot easier to get people up and talking invested and invited into a server to check out a new game or old game not as recognized through friends and family that play it just a quick link drop to the server. Played one run thus far and really enjoyed it.

Ignore that it just wasn't easily accessible to find I finally found it trying to do a multi-player match

Glad you enjoy the game and welcome to discord :-)

i hope next update metropolis and darkness have same tower like idun so the level can no limit like light and nature...

Love this game! any idea when you're gonna do another season?

I started to play again after years, and noticed the item dropped chances was lowered, is it me or it does lowered?

Hey andy(dev) I was wondering when the next session will be hope it's soon I love the session events if u want or need suggestions just say the word :)

Paladin and king Arthur don't get xp even though they are counted as guards

Hi, just recently started playing this game. I literally ran my Dell pc that my Dad paid $1600 for, into the ground playing Diablo2LOD and any/every TD game I could find on WarCraft3FrozenThrone (IhaveDukeWinterMaul tattooed on my right leg as a testimony for my love of TDs) but anyway I have been trying and trying and trying to just beat the first 200 rounds in blood moore with no success and brother I mean I've only been getting to @80-85 so props to you the creator for that. My question is WHAT THE HELL COULD I BE DOING WRONG ALL THESE TIMES? Am I missing something or what I am baffled and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and thanks for the game!

Thanks! You may want to have a look at the guides forum :-)

Hey Chun ist about the Synergys of some spezific towers. There are plenty how tos in the forums including replays ;)

Andy when could i get next supporters badge? ^^