Basic cards

These are the cards every wizard starts with.

Wooden Staff
Leather Boots
Wood Axe
Baby Sword
School Book
Wet Towel
Gold coins
Ring of Greed
Norl's Guardian
Dark Baby Sword
Dark Gold Coins
Dark Ring of Greed
Frozen Water
Rotten Toadstool
Stressful Wristwatch
A Note from the Developer
Wolfskin Cloak
War Axe
Lucky Pants
Monster Teeth
Magic Mushroom
Painting of Solea
Meat Mallet
Norl's Steel
Dark Meat Mallet
Frozen Book
Dried Cactus
Last Train of the Day
Guard Lance
Heroic Cape
Heroic Mask
Seven-leagues Boots
Fistful of Steel
Herb Witch's Cauldron
Key of Wisdom
Dark Witch's Cauldron
Dark Fistful of Steel
Frozen Heart
Frozen Candle
Viking Helmet
Irish Pub's Barrel
Unrelenting Force
Helm of Hades
Messerschmidt's Reaver
Dungeon Door
Blade of Darkness
Scepter of Time
Mummy Bandages
Wedding Ring of Yin
Wedding Ring of Yang
Plasma Blade
GT1, the Little Robot
A Note from the Developer
Snow Globe
Branch to Jotunheim
Branch to Midgard
Branch to Helheim
Branch to Asgard
Toilet Paper

Expert cards

It is said that the card forge turns relics into expert cards every once in a while.

Blood Demon's Blade
Unlucky Pants
Skull of Darkness
Spectral Daggers
Cape of the Specter
The Dude

Black market cards

Every weekend there is a black market in town, offering one of its exclusive legendary cards to all players.

Hydra Arrow
Trident of Poseidon
The Useless Machine
Armor of a Fat Knight