Basic cards

These are the cards every wizard starts with.

Small Potion of Strength
Small Potion of Speed
Small Potion of Crit
Mead Bottle
Potion of Strength
Potion of Speed
Potion of Crit
Water of Life
Great Potion of Strength
Great Potion of Speed
Great Potion of Crit
Great Water of Life
Tears of the Gods
Nillos' Elixir of Cunning
Soul Flask
Essence of Wisdom
Critical Dust
Lucky Dust
Wise Dust
Vital Dust
A Drink from the Developer
Elixir of Nature
Elixir of Metropolis
Elixir of Darkness
Elixir of Light
Unicorn Tears

Expert cards

It is said that the card forge turns relics into expert cards every once in a while.

Essence of Luck
Ila's Spirit of Metamorphosis

Supporter cards

Cards for buying me a cookie, beer, whisky or supporter pack. Only cosmetic, but made with a lot of love and appreciation.

Angelic Elixir
White Russian
Viking Blod Mead