Angelic elexir

The first time I transmute 2 blue potions I always get angelic elexir. This is makes having it a disadvantage, at least early game. With the new version it is also transmutable giving you half a card dust potion. I would suggest that it is in the hand from the beginning and is not transmutable. Otherwise this cosmetic item has impact on the game.

Thank you! This has been bugging me for a while now. And yeah, having it from the start and not transmutable is a super elegant solution to all those problems. Added to my list for the next version! Cheers :-)

This change will be part of the next update! Angelic Elixir will no longer be transmutable and cannot be obtained by transmuting other cards. Its drop rarity is back to legendary cards, but once it drops, an additional potion with equal rarity drops as well. I think now it is the cosmetic card it should be. Thanks again for poking me in the right direction :-)