Bonus round

Hello, today played the bloody plains map. Reached Vira in the bonus round, after he reached the end there were about 9000 bonus seconds. And the game does not end, rewards and experience are not accrued. Seconds just go on forever.

Hi vilas, thanks for reporting this. Can you send me your game data, so that I can look into it? I will try to complete and upload the game for you! To do that, you would long press the credits button and then click on share data. Cheers Andy

mazebert.log 2020-04-28 20:59:17 - Mazebert: Running 2.0.6 (Production) thank you very much for the quick response

That it goes on forever is normal for me . I just have to quit the game via the menu.

I tried, it does not help. It’s just the first time I got to Vir, it’s a pity to lose relics and experience

Hey vilas, I've submitted your game, so that you got all progress from it to your DoL profile. Sorry for the inconvenience. You should also find this game under your replays now! Gonna have a look at the game tomorrow to find out what was going wrong. Usually after Vir is gone a victory screen should appear. Have a good one!

Close your game and open it again. The game will resume where you left off. When you resume the game (if it wasn't properly submitted and scored), then you should be able to open either the Settings menu (gear) or the game menu (wreath or (1) icon) and then see the Victory screen followed by a "Claim rewards" button or something like that.

Thanks Andy, I received awards, I will try to break through golden grounds.