Broken Hel (Lost HP with no reason)

Creep comes in range of aura, walks 1 title and counts as leaked, being in range all this time. I just got defeated like this.

Andy's response to this bug on discord: sorry about that! This happens when Hel is sold and a Hologram creep is living within her range frowning This is fixed, but needs to wait for the next app release after Christmas holidays.

Hel may seems to have issue when creeps revived, it will get disappeared/killed but it counted as leaked. Even within Hel's aura range.

Replay link?

Sorry, it might be a false report. I will re-play few more times to confirm. From last few games, I found that withered and divine defense effect caused creep travelled backward and out of Hel's range. I kept check at the end of range but did not check the beginning path of the range earlier.. hence caused the confusion.. I will report here if problem persist. By the way, how to share the replay link if I recorded it.

Replay link: Mazebert app > My Wizard > My Replays > Tap on the game > Share with friends

Hel causes leaks for me even if there are no holograms whenever I use Abyss King, Gargoyles, Knusperhexe, and/or sometimes even when Death by Toilet Paper kills a creep.

Gargoyles can push creeps out of her range causing leaks. If a creep enters her realm, it must not leave. ignore the fact that i tanked my run at the end by accidentally selling idun but i got the same hel bug, in bonus time you will see it happening. I toggled between trident and mes to test. The splash prevented any leaks from hel even though trident was killing em sooner until they started stacking.

@grogsmah your gib sends them back out of helheim. its the 2parts withered-set effect. flying creeps use another route then grounds, they pass gib's and hel's range at same time. i guess thats the point why it looks like bug. a bit offtopic btw, there is a knux next to hel. they cover basicly the same area. ifrc andy posted something like "only highest armorreduction is aplied, they dont stack"

Oh yeah tnx lol that explains a lot! I had a boss right now move 1 block farward and I lost 50 HP, maybe it's due to death by hologram or pushed out by gargoile :) I'll try without them.