How to say When I give the slash axe to tower the range display looks so weird and now unique tower comes so rarely and I still couldn't get Dark forge yet Im on round 400 can I really get Dark blade and Skull before survival starts? or I have to start from the first again Even it used to make items in bonus time but it seems not anymore

Are you playing on version 1.7? I've optimized the range display there, I think. Yeah the idea is that you won't get all towers in every game, so that there's a bit more need to improvise.. Oooh, you are absolutely right.. I've checked with the old source code. Added to my todo list for the next major version! Thanks!

Im playing on the latest version When I use the axe Tower range is not really matching with green tiles and when I select another tower, the tiles out of the range dont disappear

Thanks! Will look into and fix it!

And Its quite sad If I cant get all towers in a game I understand it makes game harder but at least for items there are ways to try to get like Item chance potions, Acolytes, Black widow and goblins but for towers I only have to bet on my luck and it will screw up all strategy