Bug or not

I experience when drinking potion with yggdrasil, my yggdra got deleted then when replace with jilly then while browsing item for jilly to equip, i equip 2nd scepter. But then found my main carry item on the list. When i exit jilly i found out that my main, manitou, ganesha and one muli deleted. I will upload photo and game save. Thanks

My game on ios iphone 7+ game version 1.8.4/s 16

Sorry for the late reply! Did you give yggdrasil a destructive potion? Can you send me a replay link, so I can have a look?

Sorry andy dont know how to add the current game to replay. But i still not ended said game. Im at wave 281/500 hard blood moor. I uploaded debug data(long tap credits) and my PainKiller potion the self destruction is intact. Forgot what potion i drink.

Ahh okay. Can you send me the replay once you finished your game?

The health regeneration potion also destroys the tower

Hey Andy, how to send my Replay?


Is this the one "Share with Friends"?

Yes, that's it thank you for sharing. Will look into it this weekend.

Looked into it! You gave the Soul Flask to Yggdrasil at round 280, and that destroyed Yggrdrasil plus all towers connected, Ganesha, Balu and three Hulis. It's working as intended, but very unfortunate :-(

Oh sorry about that. Maybe my phone hangs and accidentally feed the potion to my yggdra. Thanks Andy.