Can‘t exit the screen for potions/items

Hey Andy, sometimes the game won‘t let me exit the potion or item screen. I can click the „Done“ button as often as I want, but nothing happens, so I am forced to close the game and open it again.

Thanks for reporting. Hmm, did you find out if there's a pattern when that happens? Like clicking really fast?

For me it happens when I stay in that potion/item/tower screen for too long. If I have to drink 10+ potions of several different potions in lategame, it often occure. You can bypass it by pressing the "back" button on samsung phones.

I haven‘t found out if there is a pattern yet. Up to now it seems random to me. Sometimes I just open the item/potion/ tower screen to look what I have and it happens, sometimes it happens after I transmute something and sometimes or happens after I drank some potions