So my challenges show on main page but in game i don't see them and or are able to complete... Would be done several already i thought i already posted but guess not. :( I ahould be up about 200 atleast right now.. :(

If you had a game running before the challenge appeared it wont count so if you start today and repeat in 3 days it counts just the challenges you had till today

Nope start new one and still same outcome.

Hey, when you start a new game, click the stats screen and swipe to the very right, do you see your quests there?

Thatw what I'm trying to say it don't show up and it don't reward after playing like a dozen games.. I haven't been able to get rewards since like start it June..

Since atleast last friday

That's weird! I checked with the server and there it seems you should have (in DoL) the following quests active: - KillChallengesQuest - MuliQuest - OnlyDarknessAndLightQuest Do you see those as well in the main menu? And can your try start a new game and check what quests you see in-game? I see you are playing with the latest version already, but from what you said it seems like you had the problem before that update already. Thanks!

Yeah if i start a new game dont appear and i been on the dame challenges for a while. I can recycle and all I tried that this morning to see if it would let me get new challenge in game

So its showin now... Lets see of it counts the hangovers and such.

Oh, glad it shows. The thing is, that only the quests you take to a game can be completed. And when you replace them afterwards, you won't be able to complete them, too.

Everything is good you can remove this post sorry about that.

No worries! Glad it works :-)