Forum post text input scrolling

The scrolling on the new-thread page, where I'm typing this forum post, is misbehaving. I think something is wrong with the script for the forum post text box. When I type a long forum post (~1000 characters or so), the screen stops automatically scrolling to keep the text I'm typing in view. Instead, it scrolls to the top or bottom of the page. Pressing the "Preview" button seems to refresh the page and stops the problem temporarily (~250 more characters). I've had this problem on multiple devices and browsers over the last 1-2 years, or more. At this point in the post, I'm just blathering on to see how long it *** problem started here ***. It keeps scrolling up to the top of the screen and back down again. Typing a period or space kicks it up. While letters scrolls down again.

Thanks for reporting! Hmm, the text box height is adjusted to match the amount of text typed. Probably that messes with the scroll position. I'll have a look!

This should be fixed now ☺️ Is it working for you as well?

Looks good so far. Only weirdness was the tiny text box when I hit the edit button. It enlarged as soon as I typed something though. It might make sense to have the edit text box size check when opened.