Frozen set not working

I have been thinking that the frozen set (2 pieces) wasn't freezing mobs, but hadn't yet tested it. However, I had all 4 pieces equipped on a miss Jilly, for a lot longer than a minute, and even after 5 confirmed kills, still no frozen daemon.

Yea.. having two items of frozen doesn’t freeze creeps anymore. If you ever have all four pieces and you’re certain a minute has passed then remove all the pieces for a second and put it back on.

Sorry for the late reply - I've been on vacation the last month! This bug will is fixed with the next version (Dawn of Light in December). Currently sets are not working reliable. @MayorJohnTory that's the current workaround, yeah. Sorry about that!

Well I played 300 rounds and tested some sets...it feels like none of the set effects were active. On withered, not a single unit was backintime, on frozen, I couldnt sacrifice (not even sure about the slow. But the lightsaber worked at last...(+1 inventory)

I can say that norls set and hero set are giving the correct bonus.

I confirm on this. Some are doing well, but some do not.

@diijay, I had a look at the testcases and the code, sets should work as expected. Did you equip different items of the set? For example, two frozen books will NOT trigger the frozen effect, it must be two different items of the set.

I can confirm the slow of 2 frozen set pieces is working in DoL. it is just not very noticeable

@andy: wasn't aware that you have to use different items from the set. Is this the case for every set?

Yes this is the basic rule for sets. Conclusion: you can not expect that everyone played Diablo 2 😁

Nice Kami 😁 Still have a todo to better explain sets in-game.

Maybe just put it in the tutorial.