Game Crash

Hey Andy, I just played the game and it froze. This has occured several times since version 1.6.2, but normally I could just load again and continue my run. This Time the game froze and after I restarted it, the game was loading my current run and it crashed at 90%. When I opened the game again I could only select „New game“ while „Resume game“ was greyed out. So my run was gone without dying, receiving any wizard exp or getting a place on the ladder. Is there any way to retrive my run or the exp I got during that run or are the run and the exp gone for good? Cheers Hilmar

Oh no, that sounds horrible, sorry! What platform are you playing on? If you can access the save games folder you could send me that and I could try to restore your progress.

I‘m playing on IOS. Is it possible on IOS to acces the Save games folder or is that only possible on android?

I couldn't acces them via iExplorer :-/ I think it only works on a rooted device. Are you playing on the latest version (1.6.5) already? What you could try: Start the game, and then long press the credits button. There should be a entry in the log explaining why the save game could not be loaded. It would super helpful if you could copy that log and paste it here. Maybe this way I can implement something to repair such save games. Sorry again, this is something that really never should have happened, since I've been super paranoid about the save game consistency :-(

Weil, that is too bad, my device is not rooted and I did not plan to do that :/ I haven‘t updated to the latest version because I was not sure if that could interfere with the possibilty to retrieve the save game. This is the only thing that showed up when I hold down the credits button: mazebert.log This was the first time that this happened. Shit just happens sometimes, but I really appreciate help with my problem!

I just read in a forum that it is not necessary to jailbreak an Iphone to access most data. Maybe I am lucky and can access the save game folder of Mazebert

Nevermind, I misread your first paragraph and thought that you said that you could access the files via iExplorer. So I don‘t need to try that out haha :D

Please, do not jailbreak your iPhone! Seriously! I'm gonna add another option to the log screen to zip and send me the game data folder. The data won't go away, so you would just need to wait for the next version update. You can also safely upgrade to the latest version. The simulation is backwards compatible, so you can resume old games. Sorry again for your data loss, I hope to help you restore it once I got the files.

Hello Andy. I too just recently lost my savegame. It was at bonus round 330 000 seconds or so. I also lost one about a week ago on bonus round 50 000. From my experience the game struggles when a lot is happening each frame. Both savegames experienced issues when I had towers shooting each frame, 0.01s shot times. Also the Balu special and the Dungeon Door card seems to damage performance when you have abot 500 000 % speed increase. It also takes a huge amount of time for the game to update when I drink 200 000 potions at once. (By the way, I think the Balu and Dungeon Door needs a hardcap on update rate because the game is way to easy once you have huge bonus speed.)

@Andy Okay, nice to hear that I can upgrade to the latest Version. I really hope that you can restore my Data, but even if you can‘t, I am so thankful for the time and effort you take to help out! @Loke I played with Balu, the Dungeon Door and multiple towers with an attack speed of 0.01s, so I think that we both experienced the same issue.

I've written the code to fix the dungeon door this morning. And while writing it, I noticed that there is literally NO CAP at the dungeon door right now. Not even 0.01s! This means if you overdo it, you might end up with a almost infinite loop of goblins spawning. Probably that was what ended your games ^^

yes same to me, when I drink too much potions in one time, there should be limit for dungeon door and maximum drink number too I think and Is there any way Iron can eat iems in one time? is it too powerful?

Hmm, I hope there won't be as many potions as soon as dungeon door ist fixed. Yes, it is intended that you can bring down mr. iron to almost immediate constructions :-)

TheMarine, do you crash from drinking too many potions? I often drink 12-15k potions in one go. I never crash, but the game just takes alot of time to load all those drinks. (The irony watching "Chug, Chug, Chug, have never been funnier). Takes around 2-5min depending how long I've been running the game without a break.

Mr Andy. I found that when putting Dungeon Door to 0.001attack speed carry will spawn many goblin thus giving my super cuddled Balu (15million cuddled and counting) unlimited potion (from transmuting items card. I got 144608 seconds and counting but got tired cause it seems like im exploiting the game. Closed the app then open again stuck at 90% loading. Is it ok for the said dungeon door to spawn every millisecond goblin?

Btw with the unlimited potion from millisecond dungeon door goblin, got my 4 nature carry c/o Yggdrasil tree branch to 10-500Billion damage and 0.001 (min) speed.

And Mr Andy, how can i contribute to the game like in app purchases or like last time the innkeeper?

Oh i almost forgot. Before the millisecond dungeon door goblin, i dont know when, maybe when goblin spawn?, the game is like paused but not paused and it is continuous spawn goblin and xp from key of wisdom is continously procs. Like it is not pause. I tried pressing the next button at that is when it continue on its wave. Then maybe on spawn of goblin, the unpaused paused that i tried the unli items/potion with also super duper cuddled balu bear reaching 15million cuddle with 154Trillion damage.

Cuddle also of balu bear still procs on that state that is why 15millionX cuddles.

@malorek thank you for reporting! You are right, that's not intended to work this way. I didn't expect that Dungeon Door cooldown could go down like that. I've already implemented a cap for Dungeon Door and Balu's cooldown for the next update. Also, what version of the game are you playing with? In the latest version (1.6.5), it should no longer be possible for the game to be stuck between waves.

My phone is iphone 7plus and game version is 1.6.5/s11

Is this the latest update? Been refreshing App Store but no updates.

Also even if balu bear reached 200 cuddle but no quest complete pop ups like before. And knusphere eat 700

malrorek, // now you get reward when the game ended

Andy // if your gonna make cooldown limit can Key of wisdom be faster with speed too?

So I just lost another save. I did not go all crazy with dungeon door and potions this time. What happened was I got stuck on 90% loading and then the game crashed on my Samsung S7 edge. When I started the game up again my save was not there. Seems like there might be a bug when loading a game that results in a loss of the game if the loading does not complete. Andy, have you found a way to restore lost saves or are they gone forever?

Same here loke, loading 90% closed the error said that will load something... then back to wave 1. Closed mine during bonus round then resumethen loading 90% then wave 1.

So sorry to hear that! I've added an option to send me the game data to the next version. That will probably come out end of this week. Really need to have a look at the game files, to see what's going on and eventually help recovering the game progress. Stay tuned!

Hey Andy, I really appreciate how dedicated you work to solve this problem!

The least I can do. This must be super frustrating to lose this much time & progress :-( The new release is out for all platforms! @Loke, @malrorek: Once you did the update, can you long press the credits button? There's then a new button to upload your game data folder to my server, so that I can look into it! Thank you so much for playing the game and your patience!

Well, it really is a little bit frustrating, because of the lost Exp, but maybe we are lucky and you can recover the data. I just updated the game and sent you my game folder. I haven‘t played the game for about 1 1/2 year and it still makes unbelievable fun, I would say that it makes even more fun, since all the updates that you released this year, especially the multiplayer is super awesome! We have to thank you too, because you never stopped working on the game and you read every suggestion, complaint, etc. with utmost care!

Thanks a Lot Andy.

When I take a second Sceptor of time the game crashed should I use only one?

@theMarine I haven‘t tried to use two sceptors in the singleplayer, but in the multiplayer it works just fine

@TheMarine, yep that's my bad! I only tested that the 2nd scepter can drop, but not if equipping it works. When I was playing with the latest version I had the same unpleasant surprise you had ^^ I will write a fix and deploy a new version this weekend! Sorry!

I've looked into the save games you shared with me, and I was able to recover both savegames. Do you recognize those? :-) With the next version those kind of games will be automatically restored and you will be able to continue playing them!

Wow, I sure do recognize my run. Thank you so much for recovering it!

Release 1.7.1 is out for Android and Windows. iOS will follow as soon as the release passed Apple's review. You should be able to resume those games now! Also, the loading progress indicator is much better now (I've noticed those games took quite looooong to load :-D).

And sorry again for your troubles with that. And a big thanks for sharing your game data with me, otherwise it would've been much harder to find out what's wrong and how to fix it. Thanks, you are amazing!

Ohh damn, I've just noticed you both played on iOS. Hope the release will be approved start of next week. The last releases Apple was really quick!

I am happy to help you in any way, everbody profits if you can improve the game :) Yeah, the last update was released really fast from apple :D

Great job restoring the savegames Andy. Is it safe to keep playing on them or should i sell my towers and end the game to get the wizard exp?

The new update is online and the savegame was selectable again. It took quite some time to load, but it is right there where I left off before crashing.

Yes, it should be possible to keep playing. Glad it worked out for you!

Thanks a lot Andy. Its a great pleasure to help improve the game. ^_^ and yeah tried loading i think it took me almost an hour to load mine. Hahaha. And about developers inn, when does it open so that i can donate some.

Btw while playing my saved game, the dungon door still spawn fast. And balu bear still cuddle fast. Or because my saved game was not affected by the fix?

Ill try to send again my data after this run.

Also when selecting tower you can see his range with green tiles, but selecting other towers will still show the previous green tiles of the first selected tower.

Yep, all saved games always run with the simulation version they've been started with. So only new games are affected by the fixes. Otherwise the old games could not be continued and run into a dsync error instead. Did you have Messerschmidt's equipped when the range thing happened? TheMarine reported a problem with that, too.

Ohh that why. Ok thanks. Yes my Gib Frozen Daemon is equipped with messerschmidt's.