Game lag

Hi guys, is anyone else having issues with the game lagging? Doesnt always happen but I have it happening frequently enough that its really annoying. Happens both on my pc and my new s21 ultra.

oh I play with sound and music off

Ok so I've worked out the lag on my pc. Was due to a foobar 2000 skin I'm using. Run foobar with no skin in portable mode and everything's fine. Cannot work out the phone lage however. Only seems to happen when I've played multiple games to completion and faced VIR. Do that a few times over multiple games for 4 or 5 he's and it seems to get laggy in the later stages. If I do a full cold boot of my phone then it seems to work fine again.

And to avoid confusion I have 2 accounts so I can complete the multilayer challenges lol

Is the issue disappearing when you force close and restart the app after a while? Sounds a bit like a memory leak in the game to me.

Yeah mate, the issue usually disappears if I force close the app and cold boot everything.