Holgar the Horrible - Miss chance

Hi, Holgard's miss chance seems to be bugged. With just one bottle of mead, Holgar seems to miss approximately half of the time. (And I'm not talking about "ghost" - creeps). Best regards, Dec

Using lord rodric?

No, I've been using Sir littlefinger for this game. Here's the replay. https://mazebert.com/g/fd504434-b8f8-4ca2-a764-6fde75d28159-35076/ On round 61 you can see him missing around 6 times out of 11 attacks or so.

Thanks for reporting this bug. You are right, I messed this up with my last fix for Lord Roderic's bad luck on Holgar. I've written a fix for it this morning, this will go live with the next version I'll release.