Impatience giving more speed

I think impatience set is broken. I first came to the idea when I had above 1000 speed on my knux which seemed excessive. Today I looked closer when I call a wave early before the counter appears I get 1,5%speed When I called with 5 seconds on the clock I m think I got 3%multiple times and 2,7 once( if I Remebered correctly) When I called the next wave with 2 sec countdown I got 2,1% So maybe I get an extra 1,5% when there is a count down. But I may be a bit off with my values.

Heya Kami, sorry for the late reply! I've added a todo to look into it.

I do not think 30 hours for a reply is late... :D

Kami I finally was able to reproduce this with unit tests and write a proper fix for it, without regressions for older simulation versions! Sorry that this took so long! And thanks for finding this nasty bug!

Well done. Must have been terribly annoying and hopefully greatly rewarding after you have done it.

Yes, I'm glad that's finally solved :-)