Item disappearing

Andy, can you check if items can disappear? My theory is as follows: Get +1 inventory for uncommon towers, so they have 5 space, but rares and unique only 4. Build an uncommon or common, for example, jilly. Equip het with items. Replace her with unique tower, for example dark forge. I think in my current game I lost an item when I transformed a tower to another with less space.

Was the item maybe returned to your inventory? Also, do you still have the replay to share?

Not sure, gotta have a look.

Unfortunately I have no idea which replay was it. But I'm gonna try to reproduce the bug if it exists once I get my hands on loan shark

same issue another circumstances. on muli >equiping viking helmet >equiping roordahuizum >using potions (through ygg+rings combo. ygg aktivates potions) >disequiping viking helmet >> roordahuizum disapeares. not beeing in mulis nor the general itemstash. i hope the description helps.