It's take too much time to load a game

Yep, 42 minutes to load a 420k sec game. Is there any way to make it faster, Andy?

https://mazebert.com/forum/news/tracking-down-dsync-errors-in-a-deterministic-game-simulation--id1092/ i think he wrote that the game will simulate every step you took and it is also a measure against cheating. to make that faster you just have to have a good cpu :P i personally dont know if you could make that faster any other way.

What @YAYBone says. What phone are you playing on, @Psi? There seems to be quite a difference between server and client. The longest time a game validation took on server side was 6 minutes. It's a five year old i7, but probably still a lot faster than mobile cpus.

It's a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X, 4GB Ram, MediaTek CPU deca core 2.11GHz I know, there was a lot cheaters in v1.4. It's good to have anti cheat mechanic. Maybe this is just a rare case.

Ugh, that should be pretty fast, in theory :-) Did you submit your game to the ladder already? Curious how long it will take there to validate.

Yes, it took a few time to upload my game and it didn't take that long, a few minutes i think Here are some error message when i finished my game. But i'm pretty sure it's submitted https://i.imgur.com/hEmb8so.png https://i.imgur.com/2KvunC3.png

Yes it is, those long games tend to run into a connection timeout :-(