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Hey. In the last game, in standard mode, white towers from nature in my board stopped appearing. The game writes that they drops, but the board did not appear until the end of the game. It seems that this happened after using the elixir of the metropolis, but this is inaccurate :) Also, when counting down to the start of the bonus round, I had half-filled the blue transmutation circle, but after the transmutation of two blue items (Painting of Solea and Frozen book), it was reset, but the yellow thing wasn’t given. The latest version of the game in iOS

Same situation in Dol now. White towers from nature stopped appearing. This happened after about 10 waves and after the transmutation of white cards of nature and after the build of beavers and dandelion

standard and dol played easy 200

I’ll get better a little. In DoL, the blue towers of nature also ceased to appear, although the game warns of their appearance. Moreover, only wolves appear, without warning. Periodically transmuting any items does not give a better item.

It's likely the new transmute system. I think that will change in 2.1, but right now it's at a weird spot. If you check the double tap transmute many, you'll see that it now says "and all future drops." If you want to stop transmuting, then go to the game menu (the (1) button), then long press on the type of card you want to stop transmuting (towers in this case), then you can swipe through the towers and select "stop transmuting" on the card you'd like to see again.

Thank you!

i quite like the "and all future drops" update