Level up potions level over max level

In this case i used married Lucifer and beacon. Also I used all the Leuchtfeuer on Lucy. When I used level pots Lucy could get higher level than the amount of Leuchtfeuer he had consumed and got them higher again when consuming the Leuchtfeuer. Cthulhu soup was next to Lucy maybe that had an influence. Replay https://mazebert.com/g/89916f79-5881-46a7-b8b0-fc818bfe93a9-19686/ I started using level pots >4900sec into bonus, but I think I used all of them while the game was paused.

I just completed a solo Light where the same thing occurred. I went to watch the replay and my carry WAS NOT over the Beacon level. I don't have a screen shot to back it up but I think it's a visual bug based on viking horn for me and the soup for you. I ran your replay to the end and your Lucy is also NOT leveled over Beacon. Your replay screen shot: Kami Replay https://imgur.com/gallery/UmeZBgs My Replay: https://mazebert.com/g/aa8b2066-539c-4b88-9281-9c26886823d5-40766/

No it is not leveled over beacon level. But it is leveled beyond the level it should have been able to by consuming the Leuchtfeuer pots.

I see. I love the new Beacon tower and have really enjoyed playing around with it. Thank you for designing it! Do you know if it's intended Leuchtfeur pots don't work with Rainbow Unicorn? Or perhaps it does but the level up per round mechanics don't function past 99? I haven't tested with level pots yet.

I don’t know about that but it might be that there is a hard cap on this. I also liked the game I played with it. At least till now it does not seem to be vastly overpowered.

Here's a screen shot of what I was referring to earlier. If it's like my previous games when I watch the replay it will actually be level 171. Over leveled Phoenix https://imgur.com/gallery/Jy3h9Gc