Lightbringer sword can transfer?

Hey, I just found out, that the lightbringersword from Lucifer can be transferred, when the tower will be replaced by any other tower in the game and the sword ejected from the tower afterwards. Is this intentionally? I felt like the sword is kinda unique usage on the tower and have to be destroyed, when the tower gets destroyed on it's own.

Thanks for reporting! Yes, this is a known bug/exploit. It is already fixed, but the fix will wait to go live with season end, so that players joining the season later have no disadvantage.

Hi, I'm a long time gamer of your apps. I've just update the game and, fuck i lost ALL my skills. Please make it back... Thx

Hey, your progress isn't lost. You just play a 'beta phase' with new content, where your wizard have reset. But you can switch back to the old 'standard' version by pressing the button in the options (kinda hidden on the button right side). @andy: wasn't aware that this have already been reported. Thanks for the info on that. I play a lot and kinda try to bring the game to the edges to find new bugs :D

Nice! Thanks for that @diijay!

Please remove account pw (and maybe Email address) from the post.

@Kami thanks I haven't noticed. I removed it from the post. @atak do never post your personal data on the public internet :-) Let me know if you want me to generate a new savecode for you?