Lost awards

DoL. After end of a game (won) I didn't press "Collect awards". And pressed Back/Escape. I returned to game, time was running. Quests and experience not updated. If I resume game from Main menu time is still running and that is all. I want my awards! 😎 https://mazebert.com/g/d838bd59-18d7-414a-a0dd-0e7a28b2af9d-32845/ Cellphone/Android 8.1

Hi, is this the game? Because if it is listed here, this means it was successfully submitted. If it is a different game can you share your game files with me? You can do that by long pressing the credits button and then clicking "Upload debug data". Cheers Andy

Sure this is uncollected game ha-ha. Sent.

Thanks, I will look into it after work.

Thank you bro!

Hi AD, that is indeed very, very weird!! I've booked the game you sent me manually. You should have received all rewards of that game. This is the replay: https://mazebert.com/g/67ea9c88-4c95-44b7-a94e-23d332b05b4d-32845/ Cheers Andy