Mr iron only attacks vir

Hey Andy not sure if this is intended or a bug. But just finished a run with a Mr. Iron as my main carry and when VIR comes at the end of the bonus round Iron only focuses on VIR. I even had a baby rabbit in the snow globe and Iron didn't attack anything else.

I think trident and bunny snow globe do not work on multi attack towers like holgar, mr iron and bunny. But maybe Andy can be more specific. Also multi attack towers that can focus on one enemy (holgar, iron) do not split their attack when they have focus on one enemy. The enemy has to die then they can split their attacks again. But I do not know if all this is intended this waY so maybe Andy can tell us more.

Thanks for shedding some light Kami. I shall have to try the same strategy using a dandelion for aoe instead. Managed a 550B crit with him with less then 20multi crit 😁. Perhaps at some stage Andy could add a toggle for the multi attack towers to change their focus

Yeah, the targeting system currently works like that. For Dawn of Light (because of Vir), I've added a manual targeting system (aka focus what creeps all towers should attack), but reverted it since it made playing the game very stressful.

Could you make the targeting system reconsider it's target when a new creep enters its range? It would be nice for the multi-target to split attacks when it makes sense. Also, it would be nice if trident and bunny snow globe added attacks to Mr. Iron and holgar (if they don't already).

Maybe, though the sticky targeting makes it very performant atm. Those items already add attacks to those towers.