No cards obtained

Playing on Windows version. recently found bugs where cards not obtained either via transmute or even drops. the occurence isn't uncommon lately, happens on common to rare tower/item/potion where tower cards tend to disspeared more often then item then potion. since unique cards are rarely drops and only once per game, idk if i'd lost those cards too (hard to see text at 4x speed). - i always set "notification" on, so i know if unique tower drops. though there's no text notification for unique potion/item, only numeric notif, so if i lost them too... i don't even know. because even with rare tower card drop notification, i still can't find that card in my deck. - never use auto transmute but transmute result nothing when the bar filled. happened more often when mass transmuting (double click). however, this seem never happens for potions... at least for now. - the bug seem attached to certain cards for some times. IE: i got drop notif of huli, i check and there's no huli in the deck. and if in short time after that i transmute blue cards and get nothing, the card is probably huli too. i can sure about this because it works in reverse. IE: i transmute 4 huli and get nothing (normally i get rare item). then if next time i transmute any rare tower cards but use huli as last card to fill the bar, i also get nothing... though this is not permanent, still can get items and huli again via drop/ transmute. - somehow potions only dissapear via drops. after hearing sounds, theres number notification for potions, but when i check it, theres no potion obtained. and as explained above, its attached to certain card, IE: got number notif 3 potion drops at once but checked and only get 2. but never lost all of them because only particular card is lost (probably lost them all if they are same type of potions). - cards that guaranteed drops (element) will never dissapeared. also card dust never dissapear either (transmuting 2 unique cards) - i realize this symptomp getting more and more often since i got message "can't load last frame of your saved game" when i resume playing. can't sure if both problem are related. - start getting the "cant load frame" during last 2 days. both "card dissapear" and frame load problem never exist when i'm starting to play this game (less than a week because only experienced one black market available). hope those information helps to fix this bug. i can't record a video for proff or something, but this actually happened. i'd appreciate if there is anything i can do to fix this (maybe reinstalling or such) EDIT: i just realize that double click will set to auto transmute not bulk transmute, and this seem the problem cause. but, if it said that in the future, when i get this same card it will auto transmuted and keep 0. why i still can get this card again in deck? as i said before, i double click to transmute 4 huli and get nothing (that item maybe auto transmuted too?) but i still can get huli in deck via drops and transmute blue cards. that is so weird... like the auto transmute is on/off by itself? how can i still have huli in deck if i set huli to be autotransmuted?

ok. i just tried. literally auto transmute some cards. huli, wooden staff, wolf skin. it's hillarious that i never have huli again now in deck eventhough i saw notification that i get the drops, but i still get the wooden staff drop in deck... how to turn this autotransmute on/off? meanwhile, i think i will back to "swipe transmute" again. lol

You can long press the tower/item/potion button to manage Auto transmutes